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Madam, I'm Adam.

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Q: What is one example of a palindrome?
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Is 107541 a palindrome?

No. A palindrome reads the same backwards and forwards. 5791111975 is an example of a palindrome.

What is racecar an example of?


Is the river an example of a palindrome?


What is a 1-step palindrome?

A "one step palindrome is "any number can be changed into a palindrome number by reversing the digits and adding to the original number" one time. For example, the number 23 can be turned into a palindrome in just one step: 23 + 32 = 55 The same goes for the number 12: 12 + 21 = 33

Is Kityk is a palindrome?

A palindrome is a word or sentence that reads the same backwards as forwards. So Kityk is strictly not a palindrome, though loosely it might be called one, as 'y' is pronounced similar to 'i' in the word. 'A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.' is an interesting example of a palindrome.

The name Hannah is an example of a?


Is the word river a example a palindrome?

No, it is not.

Is comic a palindrome?

No.....the word has to be same backwards as forwards, like Madam for example

What is palindrome no?

A palindrome number: If the reverse of the number is equal to the number itself, then it is said to be a palindrome number. For example: 11, 22 ,55, etc...

What is this an example of- A man a plan a canal- Panama?

A Palindrome- a palindrome reads identically forward and backward

What is an example of a five letter palindrome?


Give an example of a palindrome?

step on no animals