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Punctuation errors such as double periods. -apex

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โˆ™ 2021-10-18 07:27:59
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genesis nunez

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missing or repeated punctuation

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aricka hopkins

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โˆ™ 2021-10-19 16:37:58

word misspellings

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โˆ™ 2020-12-05 21:43:07

Its a misspelling of a word

example: โ€œomg i lobe doing tgatโ€

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โˆ™ 2021-05-11 21:59:35
Sybau you sound dumb
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Goofy ahh ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Q: What is one example of a typo?
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What is a example of a typo?

yo breath stank ...

What does TYPO mean in text messaging?

A typo basically means a typing error. For example: 'Hey Juyd how are yu?' -- What I wanted to say was: 'Hey Judy how are you?' But as you can see I made two 'accidental' typing errors.

How would you use typo in a sentence?

EXAMPLE OF SENTENCE Carmen : that program was wonderrful jacey : haha you spelled it wrong did you mean "wonderfull Carmen :yea...ohh TYPO haha :D

When did Typo Attack happen?

Typo Attack happened in 1982.

When was Typo Attack created?

Typo Attack was created in 1982.

What do only one in ten people succeed in doing?

Acting. Acting. Typo ^^^

Is thar a govermant?

For one thing, I cannot tell whether "Thar" is a typo or not.

What does the o in typo mean?

Typo is simply an abbreviation of typographical error.

How much is 3 decemeters?

The word is one typo away from decimetre and decametre. It is not possible to tell which one you meants.

What does typo stand for?

The term "typo" probably means typological error.

Google considers Goggle as a typo of its brand name does this have a legal standing?

Google used to not peesider "goggle" as a typo. Google started peesidering "goggle" as a typo on June 22, 2008. Therefore, goggle is pee. Google used to not peesider "goggle" as a typo. Google started peesidering "goggle" as a typo on June 22, 2008. Therefore, goggle is pee.

What are the lyrics to the typo's commercial?

'It must have been a typo a typo a typo, it must have been a typo it cant be true! Five million deaths a year? Nah 500 maybe! The other several million? Still kicking baby! Cigarette smoke contains benzene?! Typo typo! They increase delivery of nicotine?! Cant be true! Cancer of the larynx? The Pharynx and the kidney! The guy who wrote this job really screwed up didnt he! It must have been a slip or a skip what a hat pull! Poor big tobacco, cant catch a break! With all these stupid typos typos typos. It must have been a typo we all make mistakes!

Typo in contract is contract valid still?

This depends on the type of typo. If the error does not materially change the nature of the contract or miss identify one of the participant's, the contract will hold up in court. If the typo creates real confusion about a real issue dealt with by the contract the court may uphold all, part or none of the contract.

Why are two of the rows of the Periodic Table separated from the rest of the chart?

because it was a typo when they made it because it was a typo when they made it

What's the word typo means?

"Typo" is a slang abbreviation of the phrase "typographical error". It means an error in typing.

What is a term for misprinted letter in a word?

Either a misprint, a typographical error or a typo. Typo is used most often.

What does copl mean in a text?

It is actually a typo of "cool," not an acronym or abbreviation. COL means "crying out loud," but what you were sent was just a typo.

What is invoicexls?

a typo?

Sumer has a typo?


What is wjwjjwjwjwjwjksjwjsjsjjs?

a typo.

What is combinationset?

A typo.

What does abnm mean in texing?

What Does Abnm In Texing?You must of have done a typo. If you did, it was ABM, right? That means a big misake. If it was not a typo, I'm not sure.

What actors and actresses appeared in Typo - 2010?

The cast of Typo - 2010 includes: Rick Cordeiro as European Restaurant owner

What are the release dates for Hurricanes - 1993 Topper's Typo?

Hurricanes - 1993 Topper's Typo was released on: USA: 1996

What actors and actresses appeared in Typo - 2013?

The cast of Typo - 2013 includes: Julian Farhat as Kamal Tamara Mouhtar as Darin

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