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1/5 is a fraction.
One fifth is a fraction, so it is equal to 1/5

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Q: What is one fifth as a fraction?
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What fraction is one fifth equal to?

One fifth is a fraction, so it's equal to one fifth or 1/5.

What will be an equivalent fraction be for one fifth?

An equivalent fraction for one fifth would be two tenth if you multiply it by two.

What is the fraction one-fifth in decimal form?

one-fifth = .20

Which fraction is the smallest one six or five nine or one fifth?

One fifth is the only fraction in the list so it is the smallest.

What fraction is equivalent to two tenths?

one fifthone fifth

Equivalent decimal of fraction one fifth?

The decimal equivalent of the vulgar fraction 1/5, or one fifth, is equal to 0.2.

What is the answer to this fraction problem seven fifths minus one and one fifth?

1 fifth

What fraction of 3kg is 600g?

600 grams is one-fifth of 3kg.

What is the fifth equivelant fraction to one fifth?

It is probably 5/25.

How many number in one-fifth?

one-fifth = 1/5 as a fraction or 0.2 as a decimal

0.2 converted to a fraction?

One fifth.

What is one fifth as a decimal fraction?


What fraction of 1km is 200m?

One fifth.

What is the whole number of one fifth?

One fifth is a rational fraction. It is not a whole number and cannot be made into one.

How do you write the fraction nine and one fifth as an improper fraction?


What is the decimal for four and one fifth?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, four and one fifth is equal to 4.2.

What fraction is One fifth is one fourth?


Is there a fraction between one fourth and one fifth?


What is 120 percent as a reduced fraction?

One and one-fifth

What is one fith as a fraction?

One fifth as a fraction is 1/5

What fraction is one fifth of 20?

1/5 of 20 is 4/1 as a fraction

Is one fifth is the large fraction?


What fraction of 15 is 3?

One-fifth or 20%

What is the same fraction as 20 percent?


What fraction is the double of one fifth?


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