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It is: 1/5 of 15 = 3

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Q: What is one fifth of fifteen equal?
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What is the fifth root of fifteen equal to?

The fifth root of fifteen = 1.718772

What is one fifth of fifteen?

One fifth of fifteen is 3.

Is one fifth equal to fifteen-hundreds or fifty-one hundreds?

The answer to the question is: No. 1/5 = 20/100 .

What fraction is one fifth equal to?

One fifth is a fraction, so it's equal to one fifth or 1/5.

What does 5 to the one fifth power equal?

one fifth

What is two and one fifth equal to?

11/5, 2.2 it is equal to eleven fifth.

What does one fifth mean?

1 fifth is one equal piece of a whole that was divided into 5 equal pieces.

One fifth of something equal seven?

7 is one fifth of 35.

What does one fifth equal?


What does one fifth equal to?


Is five fifteen equal to one third?


How many mm equal one fifth inch?

One-fifth of an inch = 5.08 millimeters

How many teaspoons equal one-fifth of a cup?

there are about 9 teaspoons in one fifth of a cup

Does one fifth equal two tenths?

Yes, one fifth is the same as two tenths.

What is one fifth of one third is it on fifteen?

1/5 x 1/3 = 1/15

What is seven and six fifths equal to?

Since five fifths equal one whole, 6/5 would equal one whole plus one fifth. So 7 plus 1 and one fifth is 8 and 1 fifth or 8 1/5

How many cubic centimeters in 15 tablespoons?

One metric tablespoon is equal to fifteen mililitres, and one mililitre is a liquid measure equal to one cubic milimetre of volume. So fifteen tablespoons is equal to 225ml, or 225mm3 - 22.5cm3.

What is two fifth fifteen?

the answer is 6

What 16 coins equal a dollar?

One quarter and fifteen nickels equal a dollar.

What does 1 over 5 equal?

One-fifth is equal to 0.2.

What is the decimal for four and one fifth?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, four and one fifth is equal to 4.2.

What is one fifth of 30 equal?


What is one of the five equal parts?

A fifth.

What does one fifth equal as a number?


What percen is equal to one fifth?