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four fifths

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its 4 fifths

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Q: What is one fifth plus three fifths?
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Related questions

What is one and three fifths plus two and one fifth?

Three and four-fifths

How much is one fifth plus three fifths?

four fifths

What is one fifth plus two fifths?

One fifth PLUS two fifths = 3 fifths

What is two and two fifths plus four and one fifth?

six and three-fifths

What is one fifth plus three fifths plus one fifth?

1/5 + 3/5 + 1/5 = 1

What is three and two fifths plus seven plus four and one fifth?

14 and 3/5

What is one third of three fifths?

One third of three fifths is one fifth.

What is 1 fifth plus 1 fifth?

One fifth plus one fifth is two fifths (2/5).

Four fifths take away one fifth?

Three fifths

What is three fifths plus one fourths?

three fifths plus one quarter = 17 twentieths

What is one and one fifth plus three and two fifths plus four and one fifth?

1 1/5 + 3 2/5 + 4 1/5 = 8 4/5

What does 4 and one fifth minus two and three fifths equal?

Call it 21 fifths minus 13 fifths, ie 8 fifths which is one-and-three-fifths

What is three fifths as a percentange?

one fifth = 20% three fifths = 60%

What fraction is less than three fifths?

two fifths, one fifth

What is on fifth plus one fifth?

2 fifths (One of anything) plus (another one of it) is always (two of the same thing). Fifths follow that general rule.

What is three and three fifths plus one and two fifths equal?


What is one whole minus two fifth?

One whole minus two fifths is three fifths.

Is one fifth greater than three fifth?

No, three fifths is larger because it is 3 parts out of 5, or 60 percent, while one fifth is only one part out of five, or 20 percent. Hope this helped. that answer i agree with, but I would still like to put my point of view out for the world to see too. anyways, no one fifths is not bigger than three fifths . because THREE fifths is bigger than ONE fifths, (because one is obviously bigger than three)

Was is one fifth plus one and one fourth?

One and nine twenty-fifths :)

What is one and one fifth plus three and two fifths?

1 1/5+ 3 2/5 = 3 and 3/5

What is 9 and 3 fifths divided by 3 and 1 fifth?

three and one fifth

What is seven and six fifths equal to?

Since five fifths equal one whole, 6/5 would equal one whole plus one fifth. So 7 plus 1 and one fifth is 8 and 1 fifth or 8 1/5

What is six and one fifth minus two and four fifths?

3.4 or three and two fifths

What is four fifths minus one fifth?

Assuming that you mean "fifths", the answer is three fifths.

Three and two-tenths plus two and one-fifth plus two and three-fifths equals?

3 2/10 + 2 1/5 + 2 3/5 = 8

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