What is one forth times four in cups?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The answer depends on what a "forth" means.

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Q: What is one forth times four in cups?
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What is 4 times ONE forth?

Four times one forth is one.

What is one forth times four?

It is four forths - whatever a forth is!

What is half of two and one-forth cups?

One and one-eighth cups.

What is one forth divided by four?


How many cups is in four pints one cup?

9 cups

How many cups are in four and one eighth gallon?

that is 66 cups.

How many cups of one third will give you three fourth?

around 2 and one forth can not be exact number of cups (3/4):(1/3)=2.2500002 cups

What is one fourth of four cups?

One cup.

What does two and one quarter cups multipied by two equal?

four and one half cups

What is 8 oz in cups?

four 4 = 32 / 8

What is one-fourth of a shape or number?

When a shape is divided or cut into four equal parts then each part is one forth of a shape. Similarly if you divide a number by four then the answer is one forth of the number.

What is one half of a quart?

what is one half of a quart it is equivelant to one PINT = 568ml