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one divided by four also known as one over 4 (1/4) equal to .25

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Q: What is one fourth?
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How many grams are in one fourth of water?

One fourth WHAT of water. -One fourth gill, one fourth pint, one fourth gallon, one fourth ton .

What is one half minus one fourth?

The answer is one-fourth.

What is one fourth plus zero fourth?

It is one fourth.

What is the percent for one-fourth?

One fourth is 25%

Which is longer One fourth of a foot or One fourth of a yard?

One fourth of a yard

Is one half of a fourth the same as one fourth of a half?

Yes, One half of a fourth is one eighth. A fourth of a half is one eighth aswell.

What is One fourth plus one fourth plus one fourth equal to?

three fourths

What is one-fourth of 1?

One fourth of 1 is equal to precisely one fourth.

What is one fourth times one fourth?

Two fourth which is also called one half

Does one fourth and one fourth teaspoon equal one eighth teaspoon?

no one fourth AND one fourth teaspoon equals 1/2 teaspoon one half of one fourth equals 1/8 teaspoon

Is one fourth of twelve greater than one fourth of eight?

Yes, because one fourth of 12 is actually 3 and one fourth of 8 is 2 so one fourth of 12 is greater than one fourth of eight. DN

What word means one-fourth?

The word for one-fourth is a quarter.

You are a unit of measurement you are one half of one fourth of one fourth of one fourth of a gallon What are you?

1 ounce

What is one and one fourth in a decimal?

One and one fourth = 1.25

Is one fourth or one fifth bigger?

one fourth

What is a word for one-half of one-fourth?

one eighth two eighths make one fourth

How many cups are in one and one fourth pints?

there is 2 and 1 fourth of a cup in one and one fourth of a pint

What is one fourth of one fourth?


What is three fourth of one third?


One fourth is how many milligrams?

One fourth of what .

What is 1 times one fourth?

One fourth

What is one fourth of 360?


Which is greater one half of one fourth or one fourth of one half?

A fourth of a half is an eighth, a half of a fourth is still an eighth. They're both equal.

How do you find one fourth of a number?

Divide the number by four. (One fourth is the same as one quarter.) One fourth of 8 is 2. One fourth of 16 is 4. One fourth of 100 is 25.

Does 0.3 equal to one fourth?

NO. 0.3 is not equal to one fourth one fourth = 1/4 = 0.25