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Q: What is one fourth times x equals negative 15?
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What is negative one half to the fourth power?

Negative one half to the fourth power equals 0.0625

Why does negative one to the fourth power equal negative one?

It doesn't. Negative one to an even power equals positive one. Negative one to an odd power equals negative one.

what is negative one and one sixteenth times one fourth?


When you are finding the product of multiple numbers how can determine if the product will be positive or negative?

A positive times a positive equals a positive, a negative times a negative equals a positive, a negative times a positive equals a negative(vice versa for the last one)

What is negative one fourth times one?

- 1/4

What is negative four times negative one?

Four. Remember, negative times negative equals positive.

What is Negative one third times what equals negative nine?


What is Negative ten to the third times one half times 4 equals?

negative 2,000. =

What is negative one fourth times negative six?

1.5 or 1 and 1/2

What times what equals two fourths?

one fourth times two fourths.

When you multiply a positive numder by a negative one what is the sign of the answer?

Positive times negative equals negative.

What is negative one to the power of 4 equal?

-1 to the power of four equals -1 times -1 times -1 times -1. -1 times -1 equals 1 (since a negative times a negative equals a positive). (1 to the power of 2) 1 times -1 equals -1 (since a negative times a positive equals a negative). (1 to the power of 3) -1 times -1 equals 1. (1 to the power of 4)

What is one half times one half?

It equals one fourth, because one times one equals one and two times two equals four. Always make sure that you reduce when it is nessecaryThe product of 1/2 times 1/2 = 1/4

What is negative one fourth minus one?

negative one and one fourth -1.25

What is two and one fourth times unknown that equals six a three fourth?

It is : 2 and 1/4 times 3 = 6 and 3/4

whats negative one and one sixth times one fourth?

-7/6 * 1/4 = -7/24

What is -1 squared equal to and why?

it equals positive one. one squared is always one. if they're both negative, negative times negative is always positive.

What is one third times x minus 9 equals negative one?


What is one over two to the fourth power?

1/2 times itself four times equals 0.0625

Why is one of the square roots of any positive number less than zero?

Because a negative times a negative always equals a positive. For example, -2 times -2 equals 4.

What times 24 equals -8?


Is negative one half greater then negative one fourth?


One fourth plus one fourth equals?

A half/one half.

Does one fourth and one fourth teaspoon equal one eighth teaspoon?

no one fourth AND one fourth teaspoon equals 1/2 teaspoon one half of one fourth equals 1/8 teaspoon

What does one fourth times two equal?

I don't know what it equals cause I'm figuring it out

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