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Q: What is one fourth to the negative second power?
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Related questions

What is negative one half to the fourth power?

Negative one half to the fourth power equals 0.0625

Why does negative one to the fourth power equal negative one?

It doesn't. Negative one to an even power equals positive one. Negative one to an odd power equals negative one.

What is negative one fourth to the third power?

It is: -0.015625

What is negative one multiplied by the fourth power?

positive 1

How do you write six to the negative fourth power as a positive exponent?

one over six to the fourth

What is one fourth to the second power?

625/10000 :]

What is negative one fourth to the third power as a fraction?

It is -1/64.

What is negative one to the second power?


What is one fourth to the power of negative first power?

0.25^-1 = 4

What is negative one fourth minus one?

negative one and one fourth -1.25

What is negative one third to the fourth power?

-1 negative (1/3) to the power of 4 is positive 1/81 = 0.0123

What is two to the third power times three minus one to the second power plus negative four to the second power?


What number can be raised to the second fourth and eighth power and still get the same answer?


Is negative one half greater then negative one fourth?


What is 2 negative one plus 3 to the second power?


What is Negative one twelfth to the second power?

It is positive 1/144.

Which is the smaller number negative one fourth or negative one point five?

one-fourth = 0.25 So, negative one-fourth = -0.25 Negative 1.5 = -1.5 -0.25 is greater than -1.5

Three to the negative second power is equal to one ninth?

Yes, that is correct.

what is negative one and one sixteenth times one fourth?


What is negative three fourth to the power of negative 1?

To raise something by the power of negative one, take the reciprocal of the number. In this instance, -3/4-1 = -4/3 or negative four thirds. Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to -1.3 recurring (that is, -1.3333...)

Are negative one fourth and negative two fifths negative integers?

No. They are negative fractions, not integers.

What is negative one twelth to the second power?

The sum of all the natural numbers squared.

Is negative .02 greater than negative one fourth?


What is one third to the power negative one?

'''(one third) to the power (negative one) = three'''

What is greater negative 1 and one fifth or negative three fourths?

negative three fourth

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