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1/4 to the sixth power (0.256) equals 0.0002

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Q: What is one fourth to the sixth power?
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Is one sixth greater than or less than one fourth?

one sixth will be lesser than one fourth

What is 10 to the fourth power compared to 10 to the sixth power?

100 times less

What is one-sixth times one- fourth?

It is one twenty fourth.

Is Ten to the second power times ten to the fourth power equal to ten to the sixth power?

Yes because when dealing with 10 squared times 10 to the fourth power you must multiply the exponents and you will get 10 to the sixth power.

What is sixth to the fourth power?

6^4 = 1,296

What is 2 to the sixth power multiplied by 3 to the fourth power?

a math question

Coefficient of the fourth term of the expansion of x-y to the 6th power?

fourth term of X-Y to the sixth power

Is there going tobe a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean?

There hasn't been a fourth or fifth yet. The fourth one is in production. A sixth one is unlikely.

What is the derivative of 40u to the fifth power divided by 5u to the second power with respect to u?

24u to the second power. Differentiate 40u to the fifth power which is 200u to the fourth power and 5u to the second power which is 10u. Subtract 400u to the sixth power from 1000u to the sixth power which is 600u to the sixth power. Then square 5u to the second power which is 25u to the fourth power. Finally, divide 600u to the sixth power by 25u to the fourth power. The solution is 24u to the second power. Another method is simplifying it to 8u cubed (to the third power) and taking the power rule. Take 3 times 8u which is 24u and subtract 1 from 3 in exponent which is 2. The answer is 24u to the second power.

What is one sixth to the power of two?

One sixth to the power of two yields 0.02777777777

Which is bigger one fourth or three sixth?

three sixth is .5 where one forth is .25 so three sixth is twice as large as one forth.

Is one sixth bigger than one fourth?


What is One fourth of one sixth?

1 over 20

What is one fourth plus one sixth?


What is one sixth minus one fourth?


How many sixth in a fourth?

one and a half(1.5)

Is one sixth greater then 1 fourth?


How do you divide one fourth by sixth eights?


What is seven and one sixth plus five and one fourth plus five and one sixth?

seventeen and seven over twelve

What is one fourth minus one sixth?

1/12 th

What is one sixth of one fourth equal?

the answer my friend is blowing in the wind

What is the least common denominator of one-fourth and one sixth?

one twelfth

What is -1 to the sixth power?

-1 to the sixth power equals one.

Can sixth twenty fours be simplified by one quarter?

No but you can simplify the equation by a sixth and the equation would end up as one fourth

Is five sixth greater than one fourth?

Is five sixth greater Than one forth