What is one fouth of ten?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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One fouth of ten is 2.5.

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Q: What is one fouth of ten?
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How do you do one fouth in decimal form?

It is 0.25

How is one fouth written as a decimal point?


How many millimeters are in one-fouth tablespoonful?

10 millimeters

What is one fouth In decimal form?

1/4 = 0.25

What is negative three fouths plus 1?

positive one fouth

What fraction is between one fouth and two fourths?


Would he date a fouth grader?

yes because he would date a 4 grader if you nine years old or ten years old

What is the allowed dept for a dent on a canister on the protective mask?

one fouth inch

What is half of 3 and one fouth cups?

1 and 5/8 cups

Is one fouth greater than one half?

No. It will take 2 one fourths to make one half.

What does one fouth equal in Yards?

The answer will depend on one fourth or what? An inch, a mile, a metre, a light year?

How is 25 percent equal one fouth?

because 1 fourth of 100% is 25%