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Q: What is one half minus four ninths?
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What is one whole minus four ninths?

One whole is nine ninths. Nine ninths minus four ninths equals five ninths.

What is four ninths minus one eighth?


Is one half bigger than four-ninths?


What is four ninths minus one third?

1/9 (one ninth)

What is four minus one and a half?

Four minus one and a half is two and a half: 4 - 1.5 = 2.5

What is one minus two ninths?

seven ninths

What is eight minus one and one ninths?

Eight minus one and one ninth equals six and eight ninths.

What is one ninth minus one third?

One third is three ninths. So one ninth minus three ninths is minus two nights.

What is two ninths minus one ninth?

Two ninths minus one ninth is one ninth.

What is six ninths minus one ninth?

five ninths

Is 4 ninths less than 1 half?

Yes. Four-ninths (or four divided by nine, 0.4 with the 4 repeating) is a lesser value than one-half (or one divided by two, 0.5).

What is eight and one half minus five and seven ninths?

It is: 49/18 or 2 and 13/18

What is the answer to four ninths and one half divided by two and eight ninths?

You just leave it aloneKnow say sorry

Is four ninths greater than one half?

No, one half is bigger.Four Ninths = 4/9 = 8/18. One Half = 1/2 = 9/18. 8/18 < 9/18, so 4/9

What is twelve and four ninths minus one and two thirds?

It is: 12 and 4/9 minus 1 and 2/3 = 10 and 7/9

What is one third minus two ninths?

1 third = 3 ninths, 3 ninths - 2 ninths = 1 ninth.

What is one sixth minus two thirds?

Two thirds is four sixths. One sixth minus four sixths is minus three sixths, which is also minus one half.

What is four sevenths minus one half?

one fourteenth

What is four twelfths minus two ninths?

4/12 - 2/9 = 1/9 or one ninth.

What is four and four ninths plus one and two ninths?


What is one and four ninths written as a decimal?

one and four ninths as a decimal = 1.4444

what is the difference between six ninths and four ninths?

One is bigger than the other,

Is two ninths less than one half?

yes because one half is 4.5 ninths

What is one half plus four ninths?

1/2 + 4/9 is 17/18

What is seven ninths minus one sixth?