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One half multiplied by two-thirds is two-sixths and if you reduce it would be one-third.

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Q: What is one half multiply by two thirds?
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What is one-half of two-thirds?

One-half of two-thirds is one-third.

Seven multiply one and two thirds?

Seven multiply one and two thirds is 7*5/3 or 35/3.

Is two thirds bigger or one half?

no two thirds is

One-half of two-thirds?

One third. (One half of two of anything is one of the same thing.)

Does two one thirds equal one half?

No it doesn't it equals two thirds which is greater than one half.

What is two thirds plus one half plus two thirds?

Seven thirds

What is six thirds minus one half?

Six thirds is two. Two minus one half is one and a half. 2 - 0.5 - 1.5

What is half of one and two thirds of a cup?

Half of one and two thirds of a cup would be five sixths of a cup.

What is one half divided into two-thirds?


What is one and one half divided by two thirds?

One and one half divided by two thirds = 9/4, or 2 and 1/4

What is two thirds of one and one half?


What is two and one-third multiplied by one-half?

It is two-thirds.

Is one half greater than two thirds?

No ------- One half = 1/2 or 0.5 Two thirds = 2/3 or 0.6666

What is two thirds of two and one quarter?

one and one half

Is one third two thirds?

do you mean one third of two thirds? if so, then always remember, when it says a fraction/percentage of something, you multiply. so in this case, you multiply one third and two thirds together, making the answer two ninths. hope that helped!

How do you calculate two thirds of 440.00?

to calculate 2 thirds of 440 you have to find one third. then you multiply that answer by two. You have two thirds of 440 now

What is two thirds of three quarters?

1 over 2. Of means multiply, so two thirds of three quarters is two thirds times three quarters. When u multiply it normally, it equals six over twelve. Six is half of twelve, so the answer is 1 half. If u can't understand this or u have lik, no idea how to multiply, ask ur math teacher after class or when u and her/him aren't busy. GL with ur hw and stuff :)

What one half of two thirds?

one third

Half of two thirds?

One third

Is two thirds equal to one half?


What is one and one half multiplied by two and two thirds?


Two and a half times two and one thirds?


How do you calculate two thirds of something?

Multiply something by two thirds.

How many two thirds are in one?

1 / (2/3) = 3/2 Therefore, there are one and a half two thirds in one.

What is one half of two third?

one half times two thirds i think which is 1/6