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One half of one billion dollars is 500,000,000 dollars.

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Q: What is one half of a billion dollars?
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What is 34 percent of one and one half billion dollars?

510 million dollars.

How do write one and half billion dollars?

$1,500,000,000.00 or $1.5 billion (USD).

What is one-half of one percent of 1 billion dollars?

5 million dollars

What is one half percent of 862 billion dollars?

1/2 percent of $862 billion = $4310000000

What is half of a billion dollars?


How much is one billion dollars in euro?

For 1 billion euros you need 1.5 billion dollars. For 1 billion dollars you need 0.666 billion euros.

How do you write out half a billion dollars?


How much is half billion in Indian rupee?

If you mean a half billion American dollars then it is 24,744,850,000 INR.

How much money was spent on building the first atomic bomb?

one-and-a-half billion dollars

How many dollars is over a billion dollars?

A billion and one dollars is over a billion dollars.I'm not sure if that answered your question.

How many pennies in a billion dollars?

There are one hundred billion pennies in a billion dollars Agreed.

What is after one billion dollars?

One trillion dollars?

What is half of one billion?

500 Million (500,000,000) is half of one billion.

How do I write 74 billion dollars?

One billion dollars is 1000 times one million dollars, or $1x109, or $1,000,000,000.

What is difference between a British million and an American billion?

In Great Britain one billion dollars is one million million dollars. In the United States of America one billion dollars is one thousand million dollars.

How many dollars in half a billion?

Five hundred million, or $500,000,000 (In US Dollars.)

What could you get if you had half a billion dollars?

Everything that is valued at $500 million dollars or less.

What is one-fourth of 56 billion dollars?

14 billion dollars

What is ten percent of one hundred billion dollars?

10 billion dollars

How much cash does birdman have?

Over Half A Billion Dollars

How much is half a billion euros in us dollars?


How many zeroes are there in one billion us dollars?

Nine. One billion dollars is $1,000,000,000 USD.

How much is 10 billion Euros in US Dollars?

one billion Euros = 1.4971 billion U.S. dollars

How do you write 125 billion dollars?

One hundred twenty-five billion dollars OR $125 billion OR $125,000,000,000.00

What is one half billion divided by 16?

One half billion divided by 16 is 31,250.