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Q: What is one half of ten?
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What is ten and one half times one and one half?


How many tenths are there in one and a half?

15. ten in one, half that in a half.

What is ten and one seventh rounded to the nearest half?

Ten and one seventh rounded to the nearest half is 10.

What is four times two and one-half?

four times two and one-half is ten

What is one fourth times ten?

2 and one half

What is ten and two thirds rounded to the nearest half?

10 and one half.

What is half of ten?

Half of ten is 5.

Is one half bigger than eleven twentieths?

No because one half is equivalent to ten twentieths!

From half past eight to twenty to ten in the morning?

one hour and ten minuts

Are ten twentieths and one half equal?

Yes they are.

What is seven and five-tenths plus ten and one-half?

Make it simpler by saying that five-tenths is one-half ... so you can rewrite it as what is seven and one-half plus ten and one-half? then you add 7 + 10 = 17 and one-half + one-half = one... .17+1=18 therefore 7 and 5/10 + 10 and 1/2 = 18

What is the difference between the sum of one half and ten and the product of one half and ten?

sum = 10 1/2 product = 5 difference = 51/2

What is ten and one half divided by two and one third?


Is seven tenths closer to half or one?

one Second reply: Not so, half is five-tenths, one is ten-tenths...

How many nickels are in a half dollar?

There are exactly ten nickels in one half-dollar (US).

How many times does ten and a half go into one hundred thirty six and one half?

136.5 / 10.5 = 13

What is the word name for 10.5?

Ten point five. One zero point five. Ten and five tenths. Ten and a half.

What is seven and one forth plus ten and one forth subtract eight and one forth plus ten and one half?

19 and 3/4

What is ten and one half subtract eight three fourth?

One and three quarters

What is the answer to ten divided by one half?

10/(1/2) = 20

2 and 1 half gallons is equal to how many quarts?

There are ten quarts in two and one half gallons.

What does ten times one half mean?

In arithmetic, it's expressed as 10 x 0.5 or 10 x 1/2. It means exactly the same as one half of ten, which I assume you know is five.

Is a tenth of an inch more than an half inch?

No. Think of it like this. There are ten pieces of pie. If you have half, you have five pieces. If you have a tenth, then you have only one of the original ten pieces.

How many fluid ounces are in ten tablespoons?

One tablespoon equals one-half ounce; therefore, ten tablespoons equals five ounces.

One and a third cups sugar is equal to how many ounces of sugar?

ten and one half