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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is one hundred twenty seven plus one hundred forty eight?
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What is the word form of 823748.29?

823,748.29 = eight hundred twenty-three thousand seven hundred forty-eight and twenty-nine hundredths.

Who to write 970842844567.928?

970,842,844,567.928 = nine hundred seventy billion, eight hundred forty-two million, eight hundred forty-four thousand, five hundred sixty-seven and nine hundred twenty-eight thousandths.

How do you say 0.00128647?

One hundred twenty-eight thousand, six hundred forty-seven hundred-millionths.

What is the word form of 147829?

One hundred forty-seven thousand, eight hundred twenty-nine

How do you write 843308725 in word form?

Eight hundred forty-three million, three hundred eight thousand, seven hundred twenty-five.

How much is 28127145000 in words?

Twenty-eight billion, one hundred twenty-seven million, one hundred forty-five thousand.

How do you write twenty-eight million three hundred forty thousand seven?


What do you put 800740625 in words?

That number is eight hundred million, seven hundred forty thousand, six hundred and twenty five.

What is 128192773843862816382628436347 in word form?

128,192,773,843,862,816,382,628,436,347 in word form would be~ one hundred twenty eight octillion, one hundred ninety two septillion, seven hundred seventy three sextillion, eight hundred forty three quintillion, eight hundred sixty two quadrillion, eight hundred sixteen trillion, three hundred eighty two billion, six hundred twenty eight million, four hundred thirty six thousand, three hundred forty seven.

How do you write 843208723833 in word form?

eight hundred forty three billion, two hundred eight million, seven hundred twenty three thousand eight hundred thirty three.

What is 268745320709 in word form?

two hundred sixty-eight billion, seven hundred forty-five million, three hundred twenty thousand, seven hundred nine

How do you write 845027 in word form?

eight hundred forty five thousand twenty seven

What is 348997023 in words?

Three hundred forty-eight million, nine hundred ninety-seven thousand, twenty-three.

How do you spell 125849723 in words?

The number 125849723 or 125,849,723 is "one hundred twenty-five million, eight hundred forty-nine thousand, seven hundred twenty-three."

What is the number 7325222842 in numeral words?

Seven billion three hundred twenty-five million two hundred twenty-two thousand eight hundred forty-two.

What is value of the 4 in this number 1348567?

40 thousand one million, three hundred and forty-eight thousand, five hundred and sixty-seven

What is the word form for 843720159?

eight hundred forty-three million seven hundred twenty thousand one hundred fifty-nine

How do you say the number 127856095414816811447648 in words?

Easy. It is written as: One hundred twenty-seven sextillion eight hundred fifty-six quintillion ninety-five quadrillion four hundred fourteen trillion eight hundred sixteen billion eight hundred eleven million four hundred forty-seven thousand six hundred forty-eight.

What is the word form of 25847633?

Twenty-five million, eight hundred forty-seven thousand, six hundred thirty-three.

How do you write 345.7825 in words?

Three hundred forty-five and seven thousand eight hundred twenty-five ten-thousandths.

How do you write 9527348014?

Nine billion, five hundred twenty seven million, three hundred forty eight thousand, fourteen.

What is 7549.28 in word form?

Seven thousand five hundred forty-nine and twenty-eight hundredths

What the word and expanded form for 843720159?

eight hundred forty-three million, seven hundred twenty thousand, one hundred fifty-nine

How do you spell 886747?

Eight hundred eighty-six thousand, seven hundred forty-seven

What is 827 in word form?

In English 827 is eight hundred and twenty seven, in American English 827 is eight hundred twenty seven.