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Perhaps you wanted to ask a different question, but this is the answer to the question you asked. - It is one inch divided into five equal parts.

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Q: What is one inch divided into 5 equal parts?
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Can a triangle be divided into three equal parts?

no there is no way to correctly divide a triangle into three equal parts. One side will always turn out an inch or so larger.

Does one fourth equal one whole?

One fourth is the same as one quarter. The whole is divided into four equal parts, and one of those equal parts is one fourth.

What is one of the equal parts divided up by a corporation?


What is one eighth of an inch?

One eighth of an inch is one inch divided into eight parts. Therefore, there are eight divisions to one inch. Having grown up with inches and parts thereof, it is difficult to describe the actual distance an eighth (1/8th of an inch) occupies.

How many quarter i nches in a inch?

There are four quarter inches in a inch. To get the quarter of anything, you are required to divide it by four equal parts. A quarter of an inch equal to one fourth of an inch.

How do you divide a square into 8 equal parts?

Draw a + then an X.....then you divided a square into 8 equal parts in one way.

What is one foot divided into ten equal parts?

12 divided by 10 = 1.2 inches.

What is 5 eighth's of an inch?

If you divide one inch into 8 equal parts then 5/8 of an inch is the length of 5 of those parts added together, that is 0.625 of an inch, or 15.875 millimeters.

Is one half of salad equal?

Yes, one half would be equal if the salad was divided into two parts.

What is a half?

A half is one of two equal parts of something divided.

One meter rod is divided into 100 equal parts each division would be equal to what?


If a one meter rod is divided into 100 equal parts each division would be equal to a?


What does one half mean?

equal parts of one wholeDivided by two or 50%.

If three fourths of an inch on a map equals 750 miles what would one inch equal?

750 divided by 3 equals 250

What the definition of shares?

One of the equal fractional parts into which the capital stock of a joint stock company is divided

If a 13 inch by 9 inch brownie pan is divided into 20 equal size brownies what are the dimensions of one brownie?

1.3 inches by 4.5 inches

What is one third angle?

It is one part of an angle that has been divided into three equal parts. It can have any measure.

What is 5 and one eighth divided into 3 equal parts?


What is a quarter inch in measurement?

One inch is equal to 2.54 centimetres, so a quarter inch (or one fourth of an inch) is equal to 0.635 cm.

How many thousandths equal one inch?

There are one thousand thousandths of an inch in one inch.

What is one third of something?

A tri-section. A whole divided into three equal parts.

How many points are equal to one inch?

1000 points are equal to 1 inch

What is a mili inch equal to?

a thousand of one inch or the unit equal to 0.001 inches

How many centimeters is equal to one inch?

2.54 cm is equal to 1 inch

How to Divide an inch in equal parts?

Inches are typically divided into halves, quarters, eighths, sixteenths, thirtyseconds, sixtyfourths, or one hundred twentyeighths depending on the level of accuracy required, although the decimal system is also sometimes used.