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Minus a quarter

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Q: What is one less than three quarters?
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Is 3 quarters bigger or smaller?

Three quarters is one quarter less than "1" AND three quarters adds up to 75 cents which is 25 cents less than one dollar. So three quarters is both smaller than "1" and smaller than a dollar!

Is seven eighths more than one half and less than three quarters?

No. Seven eighths is more than one half AND three quarters.

Is more than a third equal to more than three quarters?

Not at all. One half is more than a third but less than three quarters.

Is one fourth greater or less than three fourth?

One fourth is a quarter and three fourths is three quarters so tehrefore three fourths is bigger.

What is greater three fourths or one half?

Three fourths is three quarters One half is two quarters. Three quarters is greater than two quarters.

Is 3 quarters bigger than an half?

three quarters it one quarter or a fourth larger than one half

Does water cover one fourth a half or three fourth of the world?

Water covers about 70% of Earth's. So, of the above choices, it's closest to three quarters. It's still a little less than three quarters, though.

How many quarters do you have if you add one half and one quarter together?

three quarters. one half (two quarters) and one quarter = three quarters.

Is three quarters more than one third?


What fraction is bigger than one quarter?

Three quarters.

What is the sum of one less than three?

the sum of a number that is one less than three is two

What is more than half less than three quarters?

More than half, but less than three quarters? Well, three quarters is 75, and half is 50, so you could have your answer anywhere in the range of these numbers: 51-74, so choose one of these numbers: 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 62, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, or 74.

What is one half plus three quarters equal to?

one and three quarters

What is two and one half minus three quarters?

1.75 or one and three quarters

Is 3.1 greater or less than 3.15?

less than. three and ten one hundredths is less than three and fifteen one hundredths.

Is three fourths and two thirds greater or less than one?

It is less than. You see if its not one whole than its less than one.

How much greater is three quarters of twelve than two thirds of twelve?

One. As three quarters of twelve is 9, and two thirds of twelve is 8. :-)

Is a half larger than three quarters?

Yes, by negative one-quarter

Is 1 less than or greater than 3?

One is less than three

How much less than 2 whole ones are 5 quarters?

5 quarters = 1.25 = 0.75 less than 2 (4 quarters go into one whole leaving one left over and one quarter = 0.25)

What is three quarters handicap of a plus 4 golfer?

Three quarters of four is one.

How mush is double one - half of the three quarters?

you are close. duble one is between three or four quarters.

What is greater minus three quarters or minus one and three quarters giving reasons why?

minus three quarters is -0.75 minus one and three quarters is -1.75 Though numerically 1.75 may look greater than 0.75, since sign is involved try to draw the numbers line and mark off -1.75 and -0.75 on it. Which is closer to zero? It is -0.75 and hence is greater than -1.75

What is one less than the smallest three digit number?

The smallest three digit number is 0.01. One less than that would be -1.01.

What is double three quarters?

Six quarters or one and a half