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One over twenty-five is 4%.

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Q: What is one over twenty five as a percent?
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What is one over twenty five as a fraction written as a percent?

4%, you can raise 25 to 100 and anything over one hundred constitutes a percent

What is the decimal and percent for one over twenty five?

1/25 = 0.04 or 4%

What is the fraction for 55 percent?

The fraction is fifty-five over one hundred, which reduced is eleven over twenty.

What is one minus thirty five percent plus twenty five percent?


How do you write 5.125 percent in words?

Five and One Hundred Twenty-Five Thousandths percent.

What is 5 over 20 in lowest terms?

When you place five over twenty, it can be reduced to one over four, or one fourth.In this case, the dividend is five and the divisor is twenty.When the dividend is placed over the divisor, with a horizontal line separating the two, it creates a fraction. In order to reduce the fraction to its lowest common denominator, you divide the divisor by the dividend, so when you divide twenty by five, the result is four for the divisor and one for the dividend, which yields one over four, or one fourth. This can also be shown as twenty five percent (25%) since twenty five is one fourth of one hundred.

What is twenty five percent of one hundred and twenty?

25% of 120 is 30

How do you write five hundred twenty five one hundredths of one percent?


What is the percent of twenty one over twenty fifths?

it is 5%

What is twenty five percent of one thousand?

250 .

What is one third of twenty five percent?


What percent of one dollar is 25?

Twenty-five cents is 25 percent of one dollar.

If twenty five percent from one thousand equals two hundred then what would twenty nine percent be?

It would be 290.

What is one hundred twenty five thousandths as a percent?


What percent of one dollar is twenty five cent?


What percent of forty is twenty-one?

52.5% (Fifty-two point five percent)

What is 25 percent of 594.00?

Twenty five percent, or one quarter, of 594.00 is 148.50.

How do you write 6.125 percent in words?

Six and one hundred twenty-five thousandths percent.

How would you write 1.25 percent in words?

1.25%= one and twenty five hundredths percent

How much is twenty five percent of one million dollars?


What is 10 percent of one hundred and twenty five thousand?


Two is what percent over twenty one?

0.42 %

What is the percent of the fraction one over twenty?


Which equivalent fraction would you have to use in order to add three over five to twenty one over twenty five?


What is twenty five percent of one hundred forty nine dollars?


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