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There is no answer for this problem. 1/2 does not equal 5/2.

1/2 is one half, and 5/2 is 2 and one half.

They are not equal so there is no solution.

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โˆ™ 2011-10-22 01:21:11
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Q: What is one over two equals five over two?
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If x equals two thirds and y equals five sixths what is the fraction of one over x and one over y?


Explain why one over two equals one whole?

One over two does not equal one whole. Two over two equals one whole.

What is five eighths divided by two and one fourth equals?

five eighteenths

Four over five divided by two over three equals?

1 1/5.

One over four divided by negative two over five?

The answer to 1/4 divided by -2/5 equals -0.025. This is a math problem.

What is four over thirty two equal to?

it equals eight * * * * * No, it does not! Four over thirty two equals an eighth or one over eight!

What over 4 equals 18 over 72?

one over four equals eighteen over seventy-two

Which one is bigger two thirds or five eighths?

two thirds equals 0.6 and the six goes on and on. five eighths equals to 0.625 so that means two thirds are bigger.

What is One over two to the fifth power?

One over two to the fifth power equals 50,000

X over two minus four equals negative five?

If you say so!

Are feet two apostrophes or one?

One, example 5'2" equals five feet and two inches.

What is one sixth plus two thirds?

it equals five sixth.

What does one third plus two fourths equals?

Five sixths.

Is 2 over 3 more than 10 over 15?

They are equal. On ten over fiteen, divite ten by five and fifteen by five, it equals two over three.

What does 2 over 1 equal?

What equals two over one

Two thirds times what equals one?

3 over two

Is one third greater than two fifth's?

One third equals 3 over 15. Two fifths equals 6 over 15. So no.

What is one over five plus two over five in simplest form?


What is the number that comes after 541?

The number that comes after five hundred and forty-one is five hundred and forty-two. It is simple mathematics. Five hundred and forty-one plus one equals five hundred and forty-two.

What is three over four plus five over six?

1 7/12 (one and seven-twelfths)

Is two fourteenths equal to five sevenths?

No, it would have to be ten fourteenths to equal five sevenths or one seventh equals two fourteenths.

What is the equivalent fraction of two over ten?

one over five

What is 3 over 2 simplified?

Three over two simplied equals one and one half.

What is two over nine plus one over three?

five over nine

One over two plus one over four plus one over eight plus one over sixteen equals?

15 over 16