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Q: What is one per cent of ten thousand pounds?
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What is one per cent of eighty thousand pounds?

800 pounds. 80,000 * 0.01.

What is two per cent off one thousand pounds?


What is 35 per cent of one million dollars?

350 thousand dollars is.

What is fifty per cent of one hundred and ten pounds?


What is two per cent be on 15000 pounds for two years?

Two per cent of 15000 pounds = 300 pounds. There is no time frame for the two per cent so the rest of the question is impossible to answer.

What is 2 per cent of 100 thousand?

2 thousand.

What is one half per cent of four million dollars?

It is twenty thousand dollars.

What is 2 pecent of 9 thousand?

1 per cent means one hundredth. So 1 per cent (1%) of 9000 is 90, and 2% is 180.

What is 15 per cent of 125.00 pounds?

It is 18.75 pounds.

What is twenty per cent of ten pounds?

2 pounds

What is 30 per cent of one thousand dollars?

0.3 x 1000 = 300 dollars

What is 1 per cent of 70000000 pounds sterling?

It is: 700,000 pounds