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Q: What is one point twenty five as a fraction?
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Related questions

What is one point twenty five as a fraction or mixed number?

One and one fourth

How do you write 14.25 in word form?

Fourteen point two five. One four point two five Fourteen point twenty-five One four point twenty-five Fourteen and twenty-five hundredths. Fourteen and a quarter.

What is twenty-five hundredths of one percent?

A quarter of 1 per cent or 0.0025

What is twenty five hundreds in fraction simplified?

One twentith

What is one point twenty-nine as a fraction?

It is 1 29/100.

Which equivalent fraction would you have to use in order to add three over five to twenty one over twenty five?


What is the fraction for 55 percent?

The fraction is fifty-five over one hundred, which reduced is eleven over twenty.

What is one hundred and twenty five percent as a fraction?

The Anwser is... 1 25/100

What fraction of one meter is twenty five centimeters?

the answer to that is basically simple 1\4

How do you write 21.75 in words?

twenty-one point seventy-five

How do I write 21.5 in word form?

Twenty-one point five.

What compares each fraction five eighths with a half?

Five eighths is twenty-five percent more than one half.

What is point five as a fraction?

0.5 is one half, therefore, as a fraction, it is one over two - 1/2.

What is twenty five over one hundred as a reduced fraction?

It is 25/100 = 1/4

How do you write 21.527?

To write 21.527 in word form, you would write "twenty-one point five two seven" or alternately "twenty-one and five hundred twenty-seven thousandths"

What is 0.042 as a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 0.042 is equal to 21/500 or twenty-one five hundredths.

What is .25 as fraction?

A quarter. 0.25 × 4 = 1 (which is 100%) As a fraction it is 25/100 (twenty-five over one hundred)

How do you spell 125.00?

One hundred and twenty-five point zero zero.

How do you spell the decimal 7125?

Without a decimal point, that's seven thousand, one hundred twenty-five. seven and one hundred twenty-five thousandths

How do you write 0.125 in words?

Zero point one two five. Alternative: one hundred twenty five thousandths.

What is 0.128 as a fraction in its simplest form?

16/125 (sixteen over one hundred and twenty-five)

How do you write 25.139 in words?

twenty-five and one hundred thirty-nine thousandths Answer The above answer is correct - an additional possibility is twenty five point one three nine!!

What is twenty-one and eight hundredths as a fraction?

Twenty-one and eight hundredths as a fraction = 527/25

How do you write twenty one hundredth as fraction?

Twenty one hundreth as a fraction would be 21/100.

How do you say 21.5 inches word form?

twenty-one point five inches.