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1/4 of 120 = 30

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Q: What is one quarter of 120?
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What is one-third of one-quarter of one-fifth of one-half of 120?


What is 1 quarter of 120?


What is 3 quarter of 120?

3/4 of 120 = 90

What is a quarter of 480?


How many pounds equals 120 grams?

4 ounces or one quarter pound

How do you solve 1 quarter of 120?

It is the same as: 120/4 = 30

How many divots on a quarter?


How many acres are in 90 feet by 120 feet?

0.248 one quarter acre

How many mls in a quarter of a pint?

120 ml

What is 30 over 120 in its simplest form?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, by dividing the numerator and denominator by 30, 30/120 is equal to 1/4 or one quarter.

what is 25 over 100 = to?


What is 3 quarter of 160?

3/4 of 160 = 120

What is quarter 120?

thirty 120/2 = 60 60/2 = 30

What is one half minus one quarter?

One half minus one quarter is one quarter.

How many quarter units for a four year degree?

The credit requirement for a bachelor's degree from a college or university that operates on a regular semester system can range from 120 to 128 credits. The equivalent of 120 to 128 credits for institutions that operate on a quarter system would be 181 to 192 quarter hours.

How many 5ths go into one and a quarter?

6 and one quarter fifths go into one and a quarter.

How many calories in a one quarter cup of raisins?

According to my bag of sultana raisins : There are 120 calories in 1/4 cup

What is one third of three quarter?

One quarter

How can 2 coins equal 30 cents when one is not a quarter?

A quarter and a nickel. One is not a quarter, the other one is.

How many are there in a quarter of a mile?

There are 2 furlongs in one quarter of a mile.There are 440 yards in one quarter of a mile.There are 1320 feet in one quarter of a mile.There are 15840 inches in one quarter of a mile.

How many minutes in 2 and a quarter hours?

135 because 60+60=120 1/4 of 60 =15 120+15=135

What is one quarter percent of one quarter percent?


What is one quarter of 11292.71?

one quarter of 11292.71 is 2,823.1775

How many teaspoons equals one quarter?

"one quarter" of what .

What is one-quarter percent?

One quarter percent = 0.0025

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What is a quarter of 120?

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