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Because a half (½) and a quarter (¼) have different denominators, to add them you find need to find their least common denominator. Fortunately that's easy because 2 is a factor of 4. A half is equivalent to two quarters; adding a third quarter gives a total of ¾.

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Q: What is one quarter plus one half?
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What is a quarter plus a quarter?

One half.

Adding half to a quarter equals?

One-quarter plus one-half equals three-quarters.

What is One half plus one quarter plus one eighth?


What is one half plus one third plus one quarter?

One and one twelfth

What is one qaurter plus one half?

three quarter

What is half plus one third plus two and one quarter?


What is one and one half plus three fourths?

Two and one quarter

What is three quarters plus a half?

Three quarters plus a half is one and a quarter.

What is one and one half plus two and one quarter?

Three and three fourths

What is half plus 1 plus 1 plus quarter plus 1 plus half plus 1?

5.25, or 5 and 1 quarter (5 1/4)

What is a quarter note plus a quarter note?

One half note

What is quarter plus a quarter?

A quarter plus a quarter is a half. In U.S. coins, two quarters equals 50 cents.

One half times one half?

one half plus one half equals 4/4ths or one whole

how much is one and a half plus one quarter?

1.75, or 1 3/4

What is one half minus one quarter?

One half minus one quarter is one quarter.

Quarter note plus whole note plus a half note?

One whole note and one dotted note.

What is 2 fifths plus 3 and one quarter plus 1 half?

four and three twentieths :)

What is three and one half plus one and three fourths?

14 quarters plus 7 quarters = 21 quarters= 5 and a quarter (1 quarter is 1 fourth)

What is a quarter cup plus a quarter cup?

half a cup

What is half of one half and one quarter cup sugar?

a quarter and a half.

What does a quarter note plus a quarter note plus a half note equal?

A whole note.

What is four and three fourths plus two and one half simplified?

It is seven and a quarter.

What is one quarter plus one half in fractions?

1/4 + 1/2 = 3/4

Is one eitgh half of one quarter?

One eighth is a half of one quarter - if that is what the question was.

What is three fourths plus one half?

that would be one and a quarter! =] 3/4 plus one half is 5/4 which is actually 1 and 1/4