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Q: What is one sixth plus five twelvths?
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What is seven and one sixth plus five and one fourth plus five and one sixth?

seventeen and seven over twelve

What is four and two thirds plus five and one sixth?

Nine and five sixth

What is one sixth plus two thirds?

it equals five sixth.

What is the answer to five eighths plus one sixth?

, the answer is 9.6

What is one sixth plus four sixths?

One sixth plus four sixths equals five sixths, or 5/6.

What is one sixth plus five eightteens?


Five sixth plus one half fractions?

one and two sixth's

What is three and five sixth plus one and one third?

5 and 1/6

What is one twelfths plus five sixth?

11/12 Eleven twelvesth

What is one five sixth plus seven eighth?

Did you know that i don't care

What is five plus three and one sixth equal?

5 + 3 1/6 = 8 1/6 or eight and one sixth.

What does one and one fourth plus three and five sixth equal?

5 1/12

What is one sixth plus one sixth plus one third?

four-sixth or two-thirds

What is one sixth plus five twelfth?

one sixth plus five twelfth = 7/121/6 + 5/12Get the LCD (Least Common Denominator) then add.= (2 +5)/12= 7/12

What is negative one sixth minus five sixth?

-1 -1 ''-5 ''-6 _ + _ = _ = -1 ''6 6'' ''''6 (ignore the all the apostrophes, they are for place holding)

What is one sixth plus one fourth plus five tweleveths plus one thirdth?

14/12 or 7/6 or 1 1/6.

What is five sixth plus one fourth?

26/24 or 1 1/2

What is five-sixth plus one-half?


What is three fourths plus five twelves?

the correct answer is one and one sixth or 1 1/6.

How many sixth are in one-whole and five-sixth?

You have to add six and five...

What is two sixth plus one sixth plus 9.50?

It is: 10

Oneand one sixth minus five sixth?

Oneand one sixth is six sixths (one in total) plus one sixth - or seven sixths. So seven sixths minus 5 sixths is 2 sixths which can also be expressed as one third.

What is one and five-six plus one-third?

Two and one-sixth (2-1/6)

Which one is greater one sixth or five sixth?

Five of anything is generally greater than one of them.

If one and one third- five sixth how much is that?