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1/6 plus 1/5 plus 1/4 plus 1/3 plus 1/2 = 1 9/20 or 1.45

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Q: What is one sixth plus one fifth plus one fourth plus one third plus one half?
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What is the number that is one-half of one-third of one-fourth of one- fifth of 360?

The answer is 3.

Why is it that there is only half a tone between the third and fourth note and the sixth and seventh notes?

There is only a half tone between the third and fourth and between the sixth and seventh notes in a major scale. In minor or any other forms of musical scales, there can be half tones or full tones in many different places in the scale.

Where does a natural minor scale's half step fall?

Using A Minor as an example, the half steps are between the second and third notes and the fifth and sixth notes.

What is least to greatest from one third one sixth and one half?

One sixth, one third and one half.

What is half of a third of a cup?

Half of a third of a cup is one sixth of a cup

One sixth is half of one third?


How many sixth in a fourth?

one and a half(1.5)

How many thirds make a sixth?

half a third make a sixth

Is one sixth one third of a third?

No, one half of one third.

How do you spell fraction numbers?

Some popular fraction numbers include a half, a third, a quarter, a fifth, a sixth, a seventh, an eighth, a ninth, and a tenth.

What is one half of a third?

One sixth.

What is half of one-third?


What is half of one third?

One sixth.

Where is the interval of a step and a half found in the harmonic minor scale?

In a harmonic minor scale, the sixth of the scale is raised, so the step and a half is found between the fifth and sixth of the harmonic minor scale because normally, there is a whole step between the fifth and sixth of a minor scale. Raising the sixth adds another half step, so you get the step and a half.

What is one third of half a cup?

One third of half is one sixth1/6

What is half of one third-1 over 3?

One fourth is not the answer. 1/4 is half of half. I am looking for half of a third. I think it's one-fourth.

What is a half of a third of a cup?

One sixth of a cup.

What is half of one third of a cup?

It is one sixth.

Is fourth sixth equivalent to one third?

Take 4/6 and divide that by half... That equals to 2/3.. 2/3 does not equal to 1/3

Where are double bass scales played?

I think they are played in half, first and second position depending on which scale you're playing. Let the bass player answer. Scales are played in half, first, second, third, fourth, fifth and in fifth and a half positions, as well as the harmonic, depending on what scale you are doing and how many octives. If you are doing a one octave scale, it will most likely be all in first position and maybe in half position. If you are doing a two octave scale (or more), that is when you get into the higher positions, such as fourth, fifth and fifth and a half positions.

A half is a third of a fourth of what?

The number six

What is Half of a Third of a fourth?


What is the greatest number five sixth or one ninth or two fifth or one half?

one half is greadest

What is one half subtract one third?

one sixth

What is half of 1 third?

1/6 one sixth