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1/3 / 2/3 = 1/2 or one half.

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Q: What is one third divided by two thirds?
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What is the fraction to three and two thirds divided by one third?

Three and two thirds divided by one third = 11/1 or 11

What is four and one-third divided by two and two-thirds?

Four and one-third divided by two and two-thirds = 13/8 or 15/8

What is two-thirds divided by 2?

One third.

What is 68 and two thirds divided by 4 and one third?

68 and two thirds divided by four and one third = 206/13 or 1511/13

Two thirds divided by one third?

1 third. This answer is incorrect. When you use the words "divided by", that means you use the regular process of dividing by a fraction. To do this, you take the reciprocal of the fraction (1/2 here) and then multiply. The actual problem here is 2/3 TIMES 2/1. The answer is 4/3. If you want to find half of some number, you multiply by half, not divide. The wording should be "divide into half" not "divide by half." These two are completely different. This is a frightfully common misunderstanding and leads to great confusion. Another example: 8 divided into half is 4 ` but 8 divided by half is 16. (8 times the reciprocal of 1/2) Just for background: I teach high school algebra; my husband has a BSc and a MSc in both Mathematics and Math Education.

What is 1 and one third divided by two thirds?


What is two thirds divided by one forth?

Eight Third

What is the answer to one third divided by one eighth?

two and two thirds (22/3)

Two thirds divided by what equals one third?


What is one third a cup compared to two thirds?

one third is one half of two thirds. 2/3 divided by 2 equals 1/3.

What is six and two thirds divided by five?

six and two thirds = 6.66, so 6.66 divided by 5 = 1.33 (or one and 1 third)

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