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1/3 minus 1/5 is 2/15

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Q: What is one third minus one fifth?
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What is three fifth minus one third?

3/5 minus 1/3 is 4/15.

What is one third minus one fourth?

one twelfth.

What is four and one fifth minus one third?

3.8666666667 or 3 and 13/15

What is seven and one fifth minus four and one third?

answer: 2 13/15

What is 2 minus one third times one fifth?

1 and 14/15

What is one half minus one fifth?

One half minus one fifth is 3 tenths

What is 2 and thee fifth minus 4 and one fifth?

1 and 3 fifth

What isTwo third minus one third?

One third !

What does the fifth prime number minus the third equal?

6. 11-5

What is a fifth divided by a third?

one fifth divided by one third is 3 fifths

What is 1500 minus one third?

1500 minus one third is 1499 2/3

What is the answer to this fraction problem seven fifths minus one and one fifth?

1 fifth

What is smaller one third or one fifth?

One fifth

What is one ninth minus one third?

One third is three ninths. So one ninth minus three ninths is minus two nights.

What is one third minus two thirds?

One minus two thirds is one third.

What is six fifths minus one?

one fifth

What is two minus one-third?

one and one-third

What is one third minus two third?

Negative one third.

What is two fifths minus one third?

Two fifths minus one third is 1/15.

What is three and one third minus one third?


One half minus one fifth?

1/2 minus 1/5 = 3/10

What is one fourth minus one fifth?

1/4 minus 1/5 is 1/20.

What is one whole minus two fifth?

One whole minus two fifths is three fifths.

What is one quster minus one fifth?

It depends on what a quster is!

What is one fifth minus one eighth?

7.5 out of a hundred