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1/3 of 16 oz. is 5 1/3 oz. 5 1/3 oz. is 2/3 cup. 1 cup is 8 oz. 16 oz. is 1 pint.

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Q: What is one third of 16 oz?
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Related questions

How much is one third of 16 ounces?

one third of 16 ounces = 5.33333 oz (recurring)

Does 8 ounce pasta equal a one pound box?

One pound is 16 oz.One pound is 16 oz.One pound is 16 oz.One pound is 16 oz.One pound is 16 oz.One pound is 16 oz.

What is the equivalent pound of 16 oz?

16 oz equates to one pound.

How many oz is in one pound?

16 oz

How much is one third of 5.5 oz?

5.5 oz. ÷ 3.333 = 1.65 oz.

How many oz are in one pt?

16 oz

How much is one pound in oz?

16 oz

How many oz in one and one third cups?

There are 8 oz in 1 cup

One cup is equal to 8 fl oz or 16 fl oz?

8 oz 16 oz = 2 cups

How many pounds are equal to ounce?

there are 16 oz in one pound, one oz equals 1/16 of a pound

How much does 16 oz of sand weigh?

16 oz of sand weighs one pound.

How many oz's are in a pound?

16 oz-1lb 16 oz-1lb 16oz in one pound

What is one third of 16?

To find one third of 16, divide 16 by 3. The answer is 5 and one third.

What is one-third of 5 oz?


What percentage of one pound is 12 oz?

Well, one pound is 16 oz, and to find percentage you would have to take 12 oz. divided by one lb./16 oz. which would be 75% or .75 or 3/4

Number of cups in 16 onuces?

There is 2 cups in 16 oz. One cup is 8 oz.

How much is 4 oz of butter?

A pound of anything is 16 oz. Four oz. is 1 fourth of 16, so 4 oz. is one fourth of a pound.

How many oz are in one lb?

16 oz = 1 lb

How many oz of mushrooms are in one cup?

16 oz of mushrooms.

How many oz can go into pound?

16 oz in one lb!

Is pound to oz?

There are 16 ounces (oz) to one pound (lb)

What is one pint?

16 oz

What is a third of 16?

5 and one-third

What is 6 oz of a pound in decimal form?

6 oz / 1 lb = 6 oz/16 oz = 6/16 = 0.3756 oz / 1 lb = 6 oz/16 oz = 6/16 = 0.3756 oz / 1 lb = 6 oz/16 oz = 6/16 = 0.3756 oz / 1 lb = 6 oz/16 oz = 6/16 = 0.375

How many oz are in a third of a cup?

8 oz in a cup. A third is 2.6 oz.

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