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1 1/3 cups

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One one third

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1 1/3

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Q: What is one third of a cup times 4?
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What is one fourth of a cup?

one forth of a cup is about one third but a little bit more i will say about 4 teaspoons moreOne fourth of a cup is less than one third. One fourth of a cup is, a quarter cup or 2 ounces.

What is one quarter of a cup times 4?

A full cup because 1/4 times 4 = 1

Divide one third cup by 4?

1/3 ÷ 4 = 1/12

Is one third cup equal to 3 quarters cup?

1/3 does not equal 3/4..

What is one third of one fourth a cup?

(1/3) x (1/4) = 1/12

Who one the third World Cup?

Italy beat Hungary 4-2.

What is three over four times one and one third?


What is 4 times one third?

1 and 1 third

What is one whole and one third times by three?

4/3 x 3 = 4

What is One third times negative four?


What's one third times four?


What is one and one third times four and a half?

4 1/6

How many cups of raw ground beef equal one-third pound?

Approximately 3/4 cup

What is a money representation for one third?

One third of $12.00 is $4.00 because 4 goes into 12 three times

What is one third times one quarter?

1/3 × 1/4 = (1×1)/(3×4) = 1/12

What is Negative ten to the third times one half times 4 equals?

negative 2,000. =

How much does 3 go int 4?

One and one third times 1

What is one third times four ninth?

4 over 27

How much is a third of a cup in tablespoons?

1/4 cup is 3 T's so about 4

Is one third cup time s four?

4/3 cups or 1cup+1/3cup

Who is the only person that has won a world cup medal 4 times?


How many European championships have barcalona won?

They have won the European cup/ champions league 4 times, the European cup winners cup (now called UEFA cup) 4 times, and the UEFA Super Cup 4 times, for a total of 12 European trophies.

What is three times four and one third?

3 times 4 1/3 would be 13.

In world cup 2011 how many times one team will ask for reviews?

4 times for each team

What is 3 and one third times 4?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 3 1/3 x 4 = 13 1/3 or thirteen and one third.