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One third of three fourths is actually one quarter.

Here's a picture (not a good one, but use your imagination:): ***#

<--notice here that 3 quarters of that picture is stars.

So 1/3 of 3 quarters in that picture, would be one third of ***, which is one star (*) out of all 4 characters.

Or 1/4 of the entire picture.

The flip and multiply rule mentioned below, is for division - of isn't really about division, it just seems that way, because when we take a fraction of something, our answer seems to be smaller than what we started with.

Some interactive flash files are being created about this stuff by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Check out the fractions parts at

Previous Answer which includes a common misconceptionthe answer is four ninths

you say one third and you flip three fourths and make it four thirds then just multiply it out and the answer is four ninths

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Three-fourths of one-third is one-fourth ( 1/4 ).

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Q: What is one third of three fourths?
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