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1/3 + 4/7 divided by 3/10 = 0.352381

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Q: What is one third plus four sevenths divided by three tenths?
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What is two sevenths divided by three tenths?


What is larger Three sevenths or one third?

Three sevenths is .4286, one third is .3333, three sevenths is larger.

What is one third divided by three tenths?


What is three and five tenths divided three and four tenths?

Three and five tenths divided by three and four tenths is 1.0294.

What is one tenth divided by one third?

three tenths, 0.3

What is three divided by three sevenths?


What is greater three tenths or two sevenths?


What is four sevenths plus three tenths?

sixty-one seventies

What is two sevenths plus three tenths?

41 over 70

What is negative six sevenths divided by three?

-6/7 divided by three is -0.285714285714

What is three sevenths divided by 5?


What is sixth sevenths divided by three sevenths?

6/7 ÷ 3/7 = 2

What is three sevenths divided by four sevenths?

To divide by a fraction, multiply by its reciprocal. In this instance, 3/7 / 4/7 = 3/7 x 7/4 = 21/28 = 3/4. Therefore, three sevenths divided by four sevenths is equal to three quarters.

What is six divided by three sevenths?

It's 14.

Is three tenths greater than one third?

Yes, three tenths is greater than one third.

What is the LCD of one third and three sevenths?


What is the LCM of one third and three sevenths?


Is one third bigger than three sevenths?


What is four sevenths divided by three fifths?

it is 20 21s

What is Two thirds divided by three sevenths?

It is 14/9

Is the fraction three sevenths greater than or less than seven tenths?

Less than.

What is eight divided by three sevenths?

8 divided by 3/7 is 56/3 or 18.66666667.

Is three tenths bigger than a third?

No. Three tenths is 0.300 and 1/3 = 0.333.

Is one third greater than three tenths?

Are 3 tenths greater than one third

What is three and two fifths divided by four sevenths?


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