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The number which is 1000 less in value than the number 78000 would be 77000.


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Yes one is smaller than ten thousand.

Yes, Monaco is less than one thousand square miles in area. In fact it is less than ONE square mile in area.

This is a simple subtraction problem. One thousand, or 1,000, less than 5,724 is 5,724 - 1,000 = 4,724.

just one time means we less the ten from thousand and ten its become thousand

9,900 (nine thousand nine hundred)

999 is one less than a thousand

One hundred-thousand, minus one hundred equals ninety-nine thousand nine-hundred (99,900).

Less than one thousand POWs. They were released in 1973.

it is 547,000 rounded to the nearest thousand because 321 is less than 500

No. 38 is less than one hundred while 1232 is greater than a thousand!

One hundred is one-thousandth of one hundred thousand.

Yes, 100 (one hundred) m is less than 1 kilometre.1 km is equal to 100 (one thousand) m.

"Nine hundred ninety-nine: One Less Than a Thousand".

Too many to list but there are 61 of them.

Very simply imagined by asking how many times a hundred will go into a thousand. If you find that the answer is ten then you can say that one hundred is ten times less than one thousand. (1000÷100=10)

100 is 1/1000th of 100,000. So, you could say it is one thousand times less.

One million is one thousand times larger than one thousand.

Well, there are a thousand grams in one Kilo-gram (hence the name, Kilo = Thousand). So, if you have 950 grams, you have LESS than one kilogram.

One kilo is a thousand grams, the prefix kilo- means one thousand. So 982 grams is less than a kiligram

One kilogram is one thousand grams. In the metric system, 'kilo' always means thousand.

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