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The opposite of "least" is "largest" or "greatest". However, note that there is no such thing as the largest counting number.

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greatest counting number

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Q: What is opposite of the least counting numbers?
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Related questions

If a number is a counting number or the opposite of a counting number then is it an integer?

A counting number is the numbers you lear as a little kid, counting numbers are one and up. Integers include the counting numbers, 0, and the opposite (negative) of counting numbers. So yes, a counting number or the opposite of a counting number is an integer.

What is the opposite of the least counting number?

It is 0

What is the least common multiple of the first twelve counting numbers?

The LCM of the first twelve counting numbers is 27720

What is made up of the counting numbers their opposite and zero?

Integers are whole numbers, be they negative, positive, or zero.

What is the least whole number?

There is no least whole number: the negative counting numbers go on for ever.

What is the least common multiple of the first ten counting numbers?


Are all imaginary numbers are real numbers?

No. None are because the opposite of a real number is an imaginary number. In real numbers there are rational, irrational, counting, whole numbers, and integers.

Another name for the positive integers is?

counting numbers

What is the product of the 10 counting numbers?

Which 10 counting numbers? There is an infinity of counting numbers.

How do you find multiples of two numbers?

First, find the least common multiple (LCM). Then, multiply that number by successive counting numbers.

How many five digit counting numbers contain at least one 6?

i think alot like 100 at least

Are integer counting numbers?

All counting numbers are integers, not all integers are counting numbers.

What is the difference between counting and whole numbers?

Counting numbers start at 1; whole numbers include zero.

How many five-digit counting numbers contain at least one 6?


Are all negative numbers counting numbers?

Negative numbers are not counting numbers. Counting numbers are the integers starting with 1 and then 2 and so forth.

How does the set of counting numbers differ from the set of whole numbers?

The set of counting numbers is a proper subset of the whole number. The latter includes negative counting numbers. Also, there is no consensus as to whether 0 belongs to counting numbers or whole numbers.

What is the greatest common factor that the sum of any 3 consecutive counting numbers must possess?

I think I know what you're asking, but it doesn't work like that. The sum of any set of numbers is a single number and single numbers don't have common factors until they are compared to at least one other number. The sum of three consecutive counting numbers will be at least a multiple of 3.

How are counting and whole numbers the same?

They are not. Counting numbers are a proper subset of whole numbers. Negative integers (-1, -2, -3 etc) are whole numbers but they are not counting numbers.

How is counting with fractions the same as counting with whole numbers?

You don't "count with fractions". Counting is done with natural numbers.

What are counting or natural numbers?

Counting numbers are the positive integers: 1, 2, 3, and so on. Natural numbers are the counting numbers along with the number 0.

What is the least number divisible by the first 12 counting numbers?

The smallest number evenly divisible by the numbers 1-12 is 60. 60 is also be by 0, but not by 13.

Are integers counting numbers?

No- not exactly. Negative integers are not counting numbers. Positive integers are identified with counting numbers. Many authors like to start with zero as a counting number.

Is 3.7 a counting number?

No. Counting numbers are whole numbers.

Are whole numbers always a counting numbers?

No. 0 and negative integers are whole numbers but they are not counting numbers.

Are counting numbers always whole numbers?

Whole numbers include the number 0 and counting numbers do not.

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