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+ and - are opposites

for example

6 and -6 are opposites

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Q: What is opposites in math?
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What does opposites mean in math?

It means negatives

What is the sum of two opposites combined in math?


What is the opposite of a calculator?

Calculators do not have opposites because they are inanimate objects that serve a unique purpose (to answer math questions).

Define the concept of opposites in math?

The concept of an opposite is simple. The opposite of a number is a negative. For example, the opposite of 35 is -35.

What is the definition for opposites in math sixth grade math?

The opposite of x is -x.For example,the opposite of three is -3.The opposite of a negative number is positive.Fore example,the opposite of -7 is 7.

Are fire and water opposites?

fire and water are opposites

What is the opposites word for usually?

what is the opposites word for farewell

What is the opposite of 'component'?

There are opposites of some adverbs and adjectives. The idea of "opposites" is conceptually weak and not all words have opposites.

Are parallel and perpendicular opposites?

Yes, parallel and perpendicular are opposites.

When was Collapsing Opposites created?

Collapsing Opposites was created in 2002.

Are analogies always opposites?

No, sometimes they are not opposites like captain to ship.

When was Ceremony of Opposites created?

Ceremony of Opposites was created in 1994-01.

How could one be good at math but bad at writing essays and vice versa?

Mathematics and Writing are total polar opposites: people who are great with math have a load of difficulty with essays and the same rule goes for people who are good at writing papers

What is the set of counting numbers and their opposites?

The answer depends on what is meant by "their opposites". If you mean additive opposites then the set is of all non-zero integers.

How strong are ionic bonds?

Because there is an attraction between the opposites. Opposites attract.

What rhymes with opposites?

nothing rhymes with opposites but you could make something up

In chemistry how do opposites attract?

if in chemistry opposites attract, how can the "law of attraction" be rationalized

Is tweety and sylverster opposites?

Well not opposites but, Tweety is a bird and Sylvester is a cat.

When was Opposites Attract created?

Opposites Attract was created on 1989-11-28.

What is the opposite of clear?

Clear (understandable) has the opposites unclear, obtuse, or puzzlingClear (away from) has opposites proximate, near, or closeClear (transparent) has opposites opaque, cloudy, or obscured.Clear (railroad term) has opposites of unsafe, or stop.

what are antonyms?


Give you a list of different types of opposites?

give me different types of opposites means i am asking that i need some different types or kinds of opposites

Hot and cold black and white are opposites another word for these opposites words is what?


Why don't decimals have opposites?

because opposites must be a integer/whole number no matter what.

Acid and neutral are opposites true or false?

False. Acids and bases can be said to be opposites.