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example based on these method

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Q: What is overlap add and overlap save method in DSP?
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What is the typical allowance for overlap in draw draperies?

Add 4 inches to allow for overlap in the center.

What happens when two crests of two waves overlap?

The amplitudes add.

When the peaks of one wave overlap the peaks of another wave they?

They add up.

When two waves overlap and interfere constructively what does the resulting wave have?

the amplitudes add together

How do you save your photo booth pictures?

You press the save button, then add picture.. or add a caption first then add picture.

Why won't iMovie V6 let me use Overlap between two clips?

The clips possible already have transitions on them, which is why you can't add the overlap transition. Check for other excess transitions, clips, etc., between the two clips that you want to use overlap for.

What are the purpose of a method parameter?

Method Parameters or Arguments are values that are passed to methods to aid the method in carrying out its intended functionality. Ex: public int add() {} The above method is named "add" because it is supposed to add a few numeric values. But what will this method add? It needs input values that need to be added. Look at the below declaration public int add(int a, int b) {} This looks better because now we know that, this method is supposed to add the two numbers that are passed to it. Here "a" and "b" are the parameters to the method

What method allows you to add components to a panel or frame?


What occurs when crest overlap crest and troughs overlap troughs?

constructive wave interference, where the crests and troughs 'add' so are increased in amplitude.

How do you add sounds on pivot?

try to add the .gif with a mic and then save as

How do you use the parallelogram method to add more than two vectors?

Use the parallelogram method to add two of the vectors to create a single vector for them;Now use this vector with another of the vectors to be added (using the parallelogram method to create another vector).Repeat until all the vectors have been added.For example, if you have to add V1, V2, V3, V4 do:Used method to add V1 and V2 to result in R1Use method to add R1 and V3 to result in R2Use method to add R2 and V4 to give final resulting vector R.

What is the definition of a melt and mix method?

the melt and mix method is when you melt butter and add it to sugar. this method is used in cooking.