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Q: What is p4sr and the value of it?
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How much is P4SR gold worth?

About the value of silver. Its an aloy that is mostly silver.

Is a ring with a stamp p4sr worth as much as gold?

Is real with the stamp. P4sr

How platina marked on jewelry?


What does p4sr mean on a ring?

I have a ring that has a stamp on the inside of P4SR and would like to know what it may mean. I was told that the ring was 10kwg but I think it maybe silver.

What does p4sr marked in a ring mean?

platinum gold palladium and silver

What is p4sr mean on rings?

P4 is a precious metal mix of gold silver platinum and white gold

How much is your mens p4sr diamond ring worth?

Anything is worth whatever someone will pay you for it. Take your jewelery to a jeweler, or a pawn broker and ask on sight, what each will pay you for it. Otherwise, you can pay a certified gemologist to quantify the characteristics of the diamonds and the metal in the ring, in order to establish a fair market value for it. This may help you sell it privately.

What does p4sr mean on jewelry?

p4 is a blend of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. Looks a lot like white gold but just does not have the luster. sr is most likely the jewelers mark.

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