What is palm of the hands?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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The inside of the hand is the palm. Make a fist and your four fingers will be touching your palm.

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Q: What is palm of the hands?
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When does your palm feel more heat?

There are alot of blood vessels and nerves in the palm of the hands.

What is found at hands but near the wrist?


When was The Hands created?

Hairs in the Palm of the Hand was created in 1981.

Why does the palm of your hands hurt?

because u have swagg

Where is the matacarpal bone?

it's the bones in the palm of your hands.

What does it mean if your palm is itchy?

You need to wash your hands

How long was Robert wadlows hands?

Robert Wadlow's hands were 12.75" from fingertip to the end of his palm.

Your 4 year old has dark spots on the palm of her hands?

Most likely it is a fungal infection on the palm of her hands. This will need treated with medication so you should seek medical attention.

Is there hair on the palm of your hand?

No, there is no hair on the palm of your hand. The skin on the palm of your hand is thicker and harder from picking things up and using are hands in general. The thick skin and the consistent use of our hands has made hair almost impossible to grow on our palms.

Why palm of hand sweat more?

because the palm of your hands have more sweat glands than other places on your body

What is a palm card?

A palm card is a card the size of a person's own hands listing items to be discussed at a speech or presentation.

Where would you find the mount of Jupiter and the girdle of venus?

palm of your hands