What is parrel line?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Two lines that run side by side but will never run into each other, like yellow lines on a road.

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Q: What is parrel line?
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When was Hans Parrel born?

Hans Parrel was born in 1944.

What is the slope of a line that is parrel to the y- axis?

The slope (or gradient) if the line is parallel to the y-axis, is infinite. If it's parallel to the x-axis the slope is zero.

How do you draw a hose?

get a pen or pencil, then put it on whatever your gonna draw the hose on, then do a line, then do another line parrel to it, then do a line at each end of those lines, so they are conecting, there is your hose |=========|

What has the author Roger Parrel written?

Roger Parrel has written: 'Ouverture sur le monde'

What shapes have two parrel lines?

Assuming parrel is an approximation to parallel, the answer is a parallelogram, and irregular vesions of pentagon, hexagon etc.

Do all quadrilaterals have parrel sides?


Are latitude lines parrel?

Yes, they ar.

How do you know 2 lines are parrel?

when you have 2 lines such as a and band they are across each other and do not tuch and there measure (if any ) are added up = 180 then it is parrel

Is y=x+11 parallel , perpendicular , or neither?

It is neither because it is just a straight line on the graph. There is only one line on the graph. So, it will not be perpendicular... well because there is only one line so it can not cross with any other line. It's not parrel because there is only one line.

What shape has no parrel sides and no equal angles?


does a rectangle have 1 parrel side?

Yes it does because :)

How many parallel lines does a trapezium have?

A trapezium has only 1 pair of parallel lines.