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3 is because chris paul is the best and 3 is just awesome

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โˆ™ 2009-04-18 23:36:00
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Q: What is people most favorite number?
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What is the favorite animal of most people?

The favorite animal that most people like is the domesticated cat.

What is people's favorite kind of chocolate?

Milk chocolate is the favorite of most people.

What is most people's favorite number?

I am not sure there is one. Mine would be e, also known as Euler's number. It is an irrational number which is approx 2.718281828...

Is cheesecake most people's favorite food?

Most people enjoy these desserts, but it has not been confirmed if it is their favorite food.

What is the most popular favorite number?

13 and 7 is the most used number by teenage children!

Is it scientifically proven that most people's favorite color is blue?

No, it has not been scientifically proven that most people's favorite color is blue.

What is your favorite SNSD song?

Most people's favorite song by SNSD is Gee.

What is most people's favorite candy?

i think that most people like snickers i don't but lots of people do.

What is the most common favorite number?

Probably 1,3 or 7

What is Andy Biersack's favorite number?

Most likely six? ;)

How many people like zim as their favorite character?

There's no telling how many people like Zim as their favorite Invader Zim character, but it Zim is the second most favored character on the show, number three being Dib and number one being GIR.

What is the least favorite color of most people?

caca green :)

What was Vivaldi's favorite instrument?

Many people argue over what Vivaldi's favorite instrument actually was. Most people believe that his favorite instrument was the violin he played himself.

Who is the number 3 most subscribed on YouTube?

smosh, my favorite youtube channel

What was George Washington's most favorite saying?

Though people have reviewed this through years. His favorite saying has always been,"Yet my people fail, I will fail with my people."

What is the meaning of top 3?

The top 3 means most popular, favorite, or highest ranked. For instance, the top 3 music, would be the ones that people enjoy the most and received the most number of hits.

What is Princeton favorite color and number?

His favorite color is Green and His favorite number is 8

What is Zayn Maliks favorite number?

his favorite number is 6

What is Ashley Tisdale's favorite number?

7 is her favorite number.

What is Avril Lavignes favorite number?

her favorite number is 9

What is Josh Hutcherson's favorite number?

His favorite number 14

What is Jason Derulo's favorite number?

His favorite number is 10.

What is Daniel Radcliffe's favorite number?

his favorite number is 9

What is Kendalls favorite number?

Kendalls favorite number is 3

What is Adele's favorite number?

Adele's favorite number is 21