What is php plus plus?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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PHP++ is an object-oriented version of the PHP programming language. ++ is used in programming to increment a variable by one so it means an improved version of PHP.

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Q: What is php plus plus?
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How do you echo date plus php?

Your question isn't quite clear but I think you mean this: <?php echo date("m-d-Y"); ?>

Why does typing SHIFTf4name will not highlight or register as a variable in notepad plus plus coding in php?

In php a variable is declared using $ sign for eg. $name or $sport= 'Volleyball';. If you are not using this sign it won't work.

In PHP a null value plus a number value is equals to what result. example null plus 6 equals?

In php mathmatical operations treat null like 0, so any number plus null equals itself. For example #!/usr/local/bin/php printf ("%d\n", null+6); printf ("%d\n", 6+null); ?> output: 6 6

What is 10 percent in Php 250?

Answer: Php 2510% of Php 250= 10% * Php 250= 0.10 * Php 250= Php 25

Day-to-day quadratic equation I need a word problem that is a quadratic equation.?

a really developer sells resedential lots for Php 4,000 per square meter plus a processing fee of Php 25,000 one of the lots the really developer is selling cost Php 625,000

What is a php consultant?

PHP Consultant is a Expert PHP Developer who Guide PHP Development Process

What is the default extension that most Web servers use to process php scripts?

PHP files extension is .php

Is php a binary file?

No, PHP is text file with .php extension.

Will php 4.4.7 server support php 5 files?

Yes php 4.4.7 server support php 5 files. But most of the php 5 features are not supported by php 4.4.7 version

How do you run PHP on Windows?

No. However, PHP must be on your computer to process the PHP commands. You will also need a web server program like Apache. A simple way to do this is to go to and all the programs you need can be installed on your computer to run PHP, plus a MYSQL database, in case you want to really get into working with PHP. Once the PHP and Apache are installed you can access your PHP web pages through your browser from your Apache "localhost" directory after storing your new PHP files there. No internet connection needed.

Does android supports PHP?

It supports websites made on php but not coding in php. There are workarounds for coding in PHP using Android.

What is new in PHP?

PHP is a recursive acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" created by The PHP Group. PHP is a widely used server-side scripting language and the general purpose of PHP is to create dynamic Web Pages. For more information, visit the PHP website.