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the same as pi squared, which is 9.86960440109

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Q: What is pi times pi divided by pi plus pi minus pi times pi?
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Integrate sqrt of 10000 divided by pi minus x squared plus sqrt of pi plus one twentieth and show work?

It's about 34 and a third

What is pi r2 divided by 2 plus 80 times 50?

(pi*r2)/2 + 4000

What is pi minus pi?

pi minus pi is zero. Any number minus itself is zero.

What is a plus b parenthetically to the second power times c plus d parenthetically divided pi taken the square root of that?

sqrt[(a + b)2*(c + d)/pi] = (a + b)*sqrt[(c + d)/pi]

What is Pi 1 times 1 times 2 divided by 3?

It is 2*pi/3.

How do you answer E squared times 2 to the 5th power times 3 divided by 6 to the 7th power times 3 minus 4 squared times pi equals 42?

The answer depends on what the question is!

Since pi is not real does that mean that 1 plus or minus pi isn't real also?

pi IS real. It's irrational, but not unreal.

What is pi times 3 divided by 3?


What is An educated guess for a value?

the radius of a ballon times the circumfrience of a football pitch divided by five times the value of pi (3.14159265359) plus 8=========D

Does circumference times diameter equal pi?

No; circumference divided by diameter equals pi.

Surface area of cone?

(pi times radius squared) plus (pi times radius times slant).

What is pi plus pi plus pi?

(pi + pi + pi) = 3 pi = roughly 9.4248 (rounded) Well, if you use the common shortened version of pi which is 3.14 and add that 3 times, you get 9.42.

What is pi plus Google-plex?

first times google times google then add pi then you get the answer. :D

What is 200 times pi divided by 3?


What is the square root of pi divided by half of pi times three?

3.385137501 this is true, I did it on my calculator!

What is the EXACT value of -2 plus pi divided by 2 No calculator estimates?


What is the square root of 9 in pi?

If I understand the question correctly, the answer is plus or minus 3*sqrt(pi)/pi = -1.69 and 1.69 (rounded to two decimal places).

Given the circumference of a circle what is the radius?

Circumference equals the diameter times pi. The diameter is 2 times radius. Radius equals Circumference divided by pi then divided by 2.

What is 5 times 3 times 556 divided by the square root of pi?

4705.341 because 5x3=15x556=8340 divided by the square root of pi(1.7724539) is4705.314.

What formula do you use to find the radius diameter and circumference of a circle?

Radius is diameter divided by two. Diameter is radius times two or circumference divided by pi. Circumference is diameter times pi. Pi is roughly 3.14

How can you find the area of a circle?

the area of a circle is pi times radius2. half a circle is pi times radius2 divided by 2.

What is radius of a football?

A soccer ball is 27 to 28 inches in circumference. Circumference is pi times diameter, or 2 times pi times radius. Radius = circumference divided by (2 times pi).

What is pi times 3 divided by 4?


What is the cotangent of 7 times Pi divided by 4?


How do you calculate the cross sectional area of a tube?

AREA = PI times (Outer diameter squared minus inner diameter squared ) divided by 4 For very thin tubes, area is also calculated as PI times average DIAMETER times tube thickness. But the first formula above is exact.