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As far as I know, I do not think there are any standards for rating PMPO because different manufactures give diffferent numbers for pmpo for the same rating in watts RMS. Even manufactures of only amplifiers give pmpo ratings without taking into account which type of speaker/s a particular amp will be driving. Given the large difference in efficiency of different speaker systems and large difference in output wattage and current capability of different amplifier systems I am doubtful as to weather there can be a standardized system of numbers to come up with a rating for pmpo relating to watts RMS.

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Q: What is pmpo is there any internartional standards for pmpo how are they related to rms?
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What is the difference between PMPO and RMS?

PMPO (Peak Music Power Output) is a marketing figure with no scientific grounds. It is just made up.RMS (Root Mean Squared) is the acceptable means of calculating the power output of an audio system. Technically, it is understood that power is calculated using RMS, so it is not necessary to qualify power with RMS.IMO, any product advertising the PMPO is a piece of junk.

How do you convert pmpo into rms?

You cant convert between the two. RMS stands for Root Mean Square. First a varying quanity is squared, then the average is taken, then the square root. This gives an average "typical" value. PMPO stands for Peak Music Power Output. There is no industry standard for PMPO so you don't really have any way to find out what it means. PMPO in all likelyhood varies between manufactures, and was calculated by their marketing department. Meaning they picked a number that sounded really cool, then figured out a formula that would result in that number.

800 rms how much pmpo?

800watts RMS is 5,000,000,000watts PMPO. However, if you upgrade to the high viscosity audio cable, you can get as much as 8,000,000,000watts PMPO.Now, for the series answer.PMPO has no grounds in science, and you will never find it in any legitimate engineering text. It is a made up value to exaggerate the capability of the audio system for marketing purpose only. So, you are free to make up whatever conversion you want to calculate the PMPO.Any legitimate audio manufacture will not advertise using PMPO, even the use of Peak Power is iffy. Stay away from any audio equipment advertising PMPO.For the power value to have any meaning, the manufacture needs to indicate both the power (in watts) and the distortion (in %).

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