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It is the description of a rule which describes how the terms of a sequence are defined in terms of their position in the sequence.

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Q: What is position -to-term rule in maths?
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What is nth term position to term rule?

a maths solution

What does position to term rule mean in maths?

In the study of sequences, given a number n, the position to term rule tells you how the nth term of the sequence is calculated.

What does the rule position to term mean in maths and algelbra?

It means changing the postitioning of a number into the place of the tern number x

What does term to term rule mean in maths?

Term to Term rule in Maths is how much you go up or down in. e.g 1,2,3,4,5,6 would be +1

What is the maths meaning for rule?

Eg: Pi x diameter = Circumference. It is just the rule you stick by.

What is the position to term rule of these numbers?

The rule in this case is that there are no numbers in any position.

What can be a rule for math?

A maths rule is every odd becomes an even next number, but you probably knew that.

Position to term rule?


What is face value in maths?

It is the numerical value of a digit, taking no account of its position (place value).

what is the position to term rule for -5,-3,-1,1,3?

once in a lower (subscript) position

What does the term rule mean in maths?

Usually another word for some frequently used mathematical formula.

What is the position to term rule of 19161310?

22 - 3n

What high school course should be taken to prepare for this position of a baker?

Maths, English & Home Economics.

What was Eulers motivation towards maths?

He discovered the all important Euler's Rule often referred to as Euler's Formula.

What is the rule when adding decimals?

keep your decimals in the right position

What are the answers to the my maths sine rule questions?

There are several websites that will help you cheat on homework and study assignments. This site is not one of them.

What is the definition of preside?

Preside is to rule over or occupy position of authority.

How do you solve a position to term rule using algebra?


What does translate mean in maths?

It means to change the position of a point or object by moving it across or up and down a given number of units.

What is the term to term rule in maths HELP?

It Depends if the sequence was 5,7,9,11,13 the term to term rule wud be start at 5 and add 2 each time till you get 13. Hope this helps! :D

How did Constantinople's position contribute to Mongol rule over Russia?

Ball sack

What was Mahatma Gandhi position?

That India should be freed from under British rule.

The rule below sHow is how to find the position of a falling object Which answer expresses that rule in the form of an equation?

F(t) = h - 16t2

How do you get out of maths?

by clearing exam of maths.

What is the rule for numbers divisible by 11?

The sum of the digits in odd position minus the sum of the digits in even position is divisible by 11.