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3 minus -6 is 9.

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Q: What is positive 3 minus negative 6 equal in math?
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What is a minus times minus?

Simple math rules state that a negative times a negative equals a positive!

Why is the product of two negative equal a positive?

Just bc its math

Is positive divided by negative negative or positive?

Yes, when a positive is divided by a negative, it is negative. ex: 4/-2 would equal -2. It takes two negatives to make a positive in math when you are multiplying or dividing.

What does a negative minus a positive equal?

A negative subracting a positive will end up as a negative. Explanation: If you have 3 negatives, you cannnot take 3 positives from it, so you need to add 3 zeros, (which are both negative and positive), to the negative side. The number zero means nothing, so it will not alter the question. KEY _ =negative + =positive _+ =zero _ _ _ needs _+ _+ _+ to subract + + + Once you take the 3 positives from the negative side, you will be left with 6 negatives _ _ _ _+_+_+ minus + + + leaves you with _ _ _ _ _ _ *NOTE* You may be thinking, "But the zero did count! It's symbol left a mark on the answer!". Wrong. Zero in math means nothing, and that is how it will stay. You only needed it because it had the positive sign you were looking for. But because it is both positive and negative, you will be left with a negative when you take away the positive, and a positive when you take away the negative. This is why a positive subracting a negative will equal a negative.

What is -5-2 in math?


What is your positive and negative?

positive is to add and negative is to subtract in math

What are the negative and positive rules in math?

A negative times a negative equals a positive A negative times a positive equals a negative A positive times a positive equals a positive

Minus one times minus one?

one remember it this way: if something good happens to someone good, it's good (positive x positive = positive) if something bad happens to someone good, it's bad (positive x negative = negative) and finally, if something bad happens to someone bad, it's good (negative x negative = positive). but really, just ask your math teacher and get a tutor if you need to. best of luck in your studies.

How do negative and positive look?

In Math, a negative can be represented with -. A positive can be represented with +, or just without a -.

Why does a negative times a negative equals a positive?

It is a rule in math!

What does 2010 minus 1997 equal?

This is math you can do in your head (mental math).13

Is a negative and a positive a positive?

In math, a positive is a number greater then zero, and a negative number is less than zero.