What is positive CMV IGG?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What is positive CMV IGG?
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Can a positive CMV-IgG be a kidney donor?

i received a renal transplant from a sister that was cmv positve....i got cmv, but was fine after a week...

What is CMV AB IGM?

what is the toxoplasma ab igg

Your child aborted of 6 months and you have recurring infections your TORCH reading is positive is there any link between abortins and cmv igg virus infection?

may be if you were recently infected with cmv or you have it already and reactivated

Does a positive result for CMV IgG indicate a current or past infection?

Generally a test for IgG antibodies can determines exposure to the disease agent (or vaccination). The immune system responds to regions. There is a rough correlation between the amount of antibody to the concentration of antigen (what triggers the immune response) and level of antibodies, but it isn't absolute. CMV IgG indicates past infection, and does not say anything about current infection.

Cmv igg was 384 and cmv igm negative what does it mean?

The CMV antibody test measures two different kinds of antibodies, IGG and IGM. After you are infected with the CMV virus, your body first produces IGM antibodies, then IGG antibodies. The IGM antibodies disappear in several weeks to months, but the IGG antibodies stay for life, giving you long-term immunity. A positive IGG result and a negative IGM result mean that you do not have an acute infection, but you are immune to CMV because you were exposed some time in the past. If you are pregnant, this is good news as it means that you do not have to worry about contracting a CMV primo-infection, which can cause severe problems for the baby, ranging from hearing loss to stillbirth. Unlike the answer above states, prior infection with CMV does NOT prevent you from catching a second strain of CMV (much like having the flu once doesn't mean you can't get it again). In fact, being infected with more than one strain of CMV is actually quite common. So if you are pregnant, you should minimise your risk of contracting CMV. Contact with infected urine and saliva are the two most common ways of contracting the virus so try to avoid contact with either of these.

Is the result of cytomegalovirus IgG 189.80 normal?

It looks like you had a sucessful vaccination against CMV or that you had an infection and fought it off. Not knowing the units it may be that you currently have CMV.

Could a woman go for pregnancy with CMV IgG equal to 353?

I am not sure, please consult with doctor

What does a positive Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgG mean?

what does a POSITIVE Mycoplama IgG mean & NEGATIVE mycoplasma IgM

What does a positive varicella zoster virus igg mean?

A positive varicella zoster virus IgG is evidence of immunity to chickenpox, whether from prior disease or from vaccination.

What is the treatment for IgG toxoplasma positive and IgM negative in a newly aborted mother with 12 week old foetus?

what is the line of treatment for IgG toxoplasma positive

What if TORCH Test igm negative igg positive?

As far as i know IGG positive means you had infection in the past and IGM negative means u r not infected currently.

Does the positive result in CMV before pregnancy is to be worried about?

Not necessarily. If your IgM result was +ve, then yes you should be worried. You should go and talk to you doctor about what this means, but it indicates recent CMV infection which puts your baby at risk of congenital abnormalities. However, if you IgG was +ve, the infection was not recent and so you should not be worried. But be vigilant about your hygeine to avoid a second infection (as prior infection with CMV doesn't prevent you from catching it again), and also to avoid any other type of infection.