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The physics formula for calculating rate of energy conversion.

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Q: What is power equals work divided by time?
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What equals work divided by time?

Work divided by time is power.

Give example of power in physics?

power equals work divided by time

What is Power equals work divided by?

In physics, Power is equal to Work divided by time:P = W/tP = PowerW = Workt = time

Is power equal to work divided by time?

Average power equals Work divided by time. P= W/t

What does P equals W sivided by t mean?

P is power. Work is W. Time is t. Power is work divided by time, or, the rate at which work is done.

How does power vary with the time spent in doing work?

Power decreases as the time spent doing the work increases. This is according to the formula of where power equals the work done divided by the time doing it. Power and time therefore stand in an inverse mathematical relationship.

How power related to time?

power is the work divided by time.

What is the Relation of power with work and time?

Power = (quantity of work done) divided by (time to do it)

What is work divided by time?


How do you find work in the equation power equals work divided by time?

The definition of work is (force) times (distance). If you mean you're given the equation and you need to solve it for 'work', then you only need to multiply both sides of the equation by 'time', and you'll have (power) x (time) = (work)

What is the word of the equation for work divided time?

work/time = power

How do you calculate 200j of work done in 20s?

To calculate 200 J of work in 20 seconds would be to calculate the power. You would use the equation power equals work divided by time. This gives you 10 W of power.