What is precentage?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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A percentage is the number of parts in the whole of something. For instance: 50% is half of 100%. Or the 50% could be half of 6 chocolate bars!

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Q: What is precentage?
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What is the precentage of making it to the MLB?

probaly 1 out of 100

What precentage of an apple is water?

its 84 percent of water

What is the precentage of 21 over 25?

84 precent

How do you express a precentage as a decimal?

Divide the percent by 100.

What precetage of adolecents smoke?

what precentage of adolecents smoke

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the precentage of error in data or an experiment

What is the precentage?

the percentage of teenagers getting killed is exactly 30%

What is the precentage of oxygen in the air?

Dyr air is about 21% oxygen.