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Natural numbers, which were around before the concept of negative numbers

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Q: What is predecessor of whole number?
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Which whole number has no predecessor and which natural number has no predecessor?

There is no whole number without a predecessor. According to Peano's axioms, the number natural 0 has no predecessor.

Does each whole number has a predecessor?

Yes it does.

Which whole number does not have a predecessor?

Every integer has a predecessor and a succesor. If you mean NON-NEGATIVE whole numbers, the answer would be zero.

What is the meaning of predecessor in numerals?

a thing that has been followed or replaced by another: 2 is the predecessor of 3

What is the predecessor of zero in whole numbers?

-1Another opinionIf this question in asking about so-called "absolute numbers" - which are numbers without any signs (+ or -) - then there is no whole number predecessor to zero.

Which has any natural number that has no predecessor?

So basically if your questions says 'What natural number has no predecessor ' it will be 1 because behind one is 0 which is a whole number but not a natural number .So the answer will be 1.

If x is a whole number then write predecessor of x?

use MATHS plz

Predecessor of 1 in whole number?

There are different schools of thought on this, but I maintain that whole numbers start with zero.

What whole number is the predecessor of 7000?

The number that is one less than 7000, that is, 7000 - 1.

Does each natural number have a predecessor?

No. 1 does not have a predecessor: 0 is not a natural number.

what is predecessor?

As discussed in the introduction, a predecessor is a value that comes right before/immediate before/just before a particular value. Suppose a value is x (where x belongs to any whole number), then the predecessor of x will be x-1. Thus, to find the predecessor of any value, we have to subtract the given value from 1.

What is the predecessor of the smallest 4 digit number?

Predecessor of a number is obtained by subtracting 1 from it. The smallest 4 digit number is 1000 and its predecessor is 1000 - 1 = 999.