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Most often a "prepay term" is the time in which borrowed money can be paid off either without prepayment penalty or accrued interest or both.

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Q: What is prepay term?
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What sentence can be use with the word prepay?

I had to prepay for the trip.

What is a sentence for prepay?

Before I have to prepay I stop the car

How do you use prepay in a sentence?

When you pay in advance for a service, you prepay for it.

What is an easy sentence for prepay?

I said I would prepay for the dinner

how do you use the word prepay in a sentence?

I would like to prepay for our room.

How can you make a sentence with the word prepay?

Example sentence - We had to prepay for the book.

What is the meaning of prepaying?

of Prepay

What is the meaning of prepaid?

of Prepay

Can you give me a sentence using the work prepay?

I'd like to prepay for my tickets to the performance, please.

How do use the word prepay in a sentence?

Using a credit or debit card will allow me to prepay the shipping charges that are associated with this purchase. You'll get a nice discount if you prepay with your credit card.

What is a sentence using the word prepay?

To reduce thefts, cash customers are sometimes required to prepay for self-service gasoline purchases. I have to prepay my membership fee at the gym each month.

What rhymes with prepay?


Can any Verizon wireless phone be used as a prepaid phone?

No. Any phone that must have a data package can not be a prepay phone. Also, you can not make a smart phone a prepay. And, no phone with a full HTML browser can be a prepay phone!!

How could you put the word prepay in a sentence?

Please, prepay for all of your textbooks, so you can get them the day school starts.

What makes Prepay plans popular?

Prepay plans are popular, households save on a total annual consumption of costs, because households are also offered special bargain prices if they select a prepay plans. Furthermore, it cultivates a good feeling when you have made the payment in advance. With a Prepay plan you can divert nasty surprises at the end when a long holiday is on the table.

How many syllables in prepay?


If you want to get the 20 dollar text message bundle for Verizon prepay phone can you just buy a 30 prepay card and will it pay for that?


Can a cell phone be used as a prepay?


What does prepay CA mean on a receipt?


What does prepay and bill mean?

Prepay means to pay something in advance. A bill is an instrument used to repay a debt. Many people in the United States have bills.

Which word means to pay in advance?

"Prepay" or "Prepaid"

Can a prepay phone connect to a wifi signal?

A prepay phone can connect to a wifi signal as long as it has a wifi receiver and there is an available wifi network within close proximity to the phone.

What prepaid wireless plans does Verizon offer?

Verizon offers two main prepay options: 1. Prepay monthly - includes Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling, Unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes, Call any number on any network in the U.S.,plus, Unlimited Texting on the Talk & Text plans. 2. Prepay daily - Pay only on the days you use it. This option includes Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling.

Can i get a payday loan with a prepay debitcard?

Yes, you can pay this way.

What is the root word of prepay?

The root word is pay.-Kaylee